Friday, September 11, 2009

Why is sand so scratchy?

I pooped my britches this morning, big time!

It was so bad Daddy yelled for Mommy to help him change my diaper. Yes, it was THAT bad. What can I say... I can make quite a stink.

So, we've been busy... last weekend Mommy and Daddy put me in the car for a lonnnnng trip to the beach, now this wasn't just a trip because this was my first trip to the beach. We got to spend time with Mamaw, Papaw, Aunt Mandy, Uncle Kelly, Everett & Nanu. I throughly enjoyed myself. Sand is kind of scratchy though, I will say. But, the ocean tastes funny... I still had fun... I really wanted to help in making the sand castle, but my sand castle making skills need perfecting. I'll work on it for next year!

This weekend is a busy one too!

Mommy is going shopping with Aunt Amy, Aunt Jenn and Nana and I get to stay home and spend some quality time with my Daddy. I can't wait!!! Later we will be going to see Nana & Papa and celebrate Nana's birthday!

Oh, and I can't forget... NEXT weekend we will be going to see Mickey Mouse's Club House... or is it just Mickey's House? I'm not sure... I sometimes get those confused. Nonetheless... I'm a little excited!


CK Lunchbox said...

Is it Mauldin who's excited about Mickey or is it Daddy?

(glad you all are having fun)

The Fit Dad said...

I'm with CK on this it you or Mauldin who's more excited?

Have fun - I'm totally jealous!

Also, just wait until you have a major blow-out diaper while out shopping - without your wife to help you. I think I used an entire box of wipes when that happened to me.

James (SeattleDad) said...

Great photo of you two.