Monday, December 29, 2008

2009 is upon us... Year end review... and beyond

Well, it has come to my attention (not that I am not the kind of person who doesn’t pay attention) that it has finally hit me that we have less than a week until the new year… is here!

I know, sometimes it take a while for things to really sink in. I digress...

Now, have I accomplished everything I wanted in 2008? I guess you could say this year has been sort of a busy one. I mean if you look back three big milestones have been crossed off… #1. Getting married to Laura…#2. Honeymoon and #3. We got pregnant, okay Laura got pregnant, but I helped!

SIDE NOTE: Some people say our bundle of joy on the way was a honeymoon baby, but he isn’t. That is my story and I know it to be true.

Anyway, the year has kind of been a blur of events… January to June were all basically preparing for our wedding… all that was talked about or discussed was wedding invitations, tuxes, dresses, flowers, wedding showers, wedding gifts, wedding guests, well you get the picture…then the honeymoon! After we got back things sorta slowed down, that is, until we found out on July 16 we were going to have a baby!

July to the present have been… I am sure you can guess… baby, baby, baby… Which I do not mind in the least, but do you find a trend here? We like to plan big events! Hahaha

I guess come March we will be finishing up planning for our big family trip to Walt Disney World in September.

I mean, that is if he actually comes in March... I have figured I may have my son born while I am still 28... we will just have to wait and see.

We are now in our 27th week on our way to week 28 which, soon-there-after, is the beginning of the, dum dum dum, 3rd trimester!!!!!!!!!!!!Whoa.

Another thing that kind of hit me today was when Laura sent me an email asking me about the dates of our “birthing class” (all I could picture was that scene from "Baby Mama" HAHAHA) and then texting me a very interesting question…

“Do you want to cut the cord?” Now, being the knowledgeable person I am I figured she meant Mauldin’s cord… but what if she was talking about some other cord? That is such a big decision… I started wondering, well do I? Acting as if there were a choice of cords… like on a bomb.. the red one or blue one? Of course I do right? But, what if I pass out… what if I start sweating like some sort of farm animal and can’t do it… everyone is gonna call me a wuss… now is that where we are? Are we thinking of other people in this instance.. I should be thinking about my son… this is my son! I am never going to get this chance again… my one and only chance to do this. My child needs to have his umbilical cord cut, but will Laura resent me for cutting the cord that connected her and Mauldin for those long nine months? Of course not, that is quite preposterous, but welcome to my mind. So, what did I finally decide in those two seconds… yes, a person with ADD thinks that fast… “Y-e-s.” That is all I texted back to her.

So, here we are upon the end of the year 2008 and about to venture into new territory… What exactly will 2009 bring… well besides the birth of my first born man-child? I mean that is a pretty big, life altering difference, right?

Who knows… if we knew what would be the point of waking up if we knew what was going to happen? I mean if I seriously knew I was gonna wake up, go to work and come home and not have anything truly interesting happen to me… I might as well stay home and enjoy my new Xbox360 game… however, I was not blessed with the gift to see into the future as Cassandra did back in the ole’ Greek days… But, bear in mind, it didn’t turn out so good for her.

Alright 2009… bring it on. Lets do this.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Okay, so I will play along...

Enough said. Here are the rules:

1) Take a picture of yourself right NOW!
2) DON'T change your clothes, DON'T fix your hair... Just take a picture.
3) Post that picture with NO editing.
4) Post these instruction with your picture.
5)Tag 10 people to do this..

Like some before me… I'm only tagging five because I'm too lazy and don't want to take the time to do 10 links.
This is me at work...Enjoy the picture!

I've tagged:

Laura- (wife) Expanding Belly

Amy- (sister-in-law) A Maried Single Mom

Charles- (brother-in-law) My Year in the Wilderness

Jim - Busy Dad

Dawn- Baby Addiction

Thanks, Luke, I am your father!

Friday, December 12, 2008


Alright, now, I know some pregnant women have cravings… yearnings if you will… and some pretty odd ones at that!

But, they are completely justified because... they are feeding not just them, but the baby within'.

I have a friend who loved chili-cheese fries (Megan), some ladies prefer salty crackers, sweet candy or sour pickles.

My wife, Laura, lucky for me, hasn’t had too many cravings. I mean honestly, I have had more cravings than she has! I have about four needs... for food! My vice for ice, my yearning for lattes, cheezits and can we say, "I scream, you scream, we all scream..."

Although, from what I have seen on television or known via stereotype, I have had it pretty easy. Whenever Laura has asked for something I certainly haven’t wasted anytime getting for her.

We were home just sitting in the kitchen and all of a sudden a look of both terror and delight was upon her gleaming face. It looked as if she had a feeling that she needed to have quenched, but was not sure how it would be done and it sent her into a trance of panic within her psyche.

I could tell she was thinking... "I want this, but how am I going to obtain it??? How will I convince Eric to go out with me to get it??? I need it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

“What’s wrong?” I asked ever-so politely.

“I finally got a craving,” said Laura.

“Oh wow,” I said. “What is it???”

“Cinnamon rolls…” she said, and continued. “and chicken salad!”

“Ewawhhhaaaa…” I said. “Are you sure?”


So, we got ready and set out to the car and headed to the store to suffice her craving from the pregnancy gods.

“Do you just wanna buy some chicken salad?” I asked.

“No, I wanna make it, but I need to call dad to see how to make it!”

So, after we picked everything up at the store, we went straight home and Laura started creating her masterpiece of a craving.

“I feel like Steve Carrell’s character on the forty year-old virgin.” She said. “What if people ask me what I did this weekend? I will have to say, well I had a craving for chicken salad, but noticed I didn’t have all the ingredients, so I had to go to the store and get the chicken and the mayonnaise, and the ecrutrameau (sp)”


Well, if you or someone close to you has a craving… I mean they do not have to be pregnant, but anyway, if you have this issue arise, there are support discussion forums for this! Yes, I kid you not, check it out at:

Weird Cravings and more...

*I stand corrected by my wife... EGG SALAD*

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Progressive Belly... hits 25 weeks!

15 weeks to go...
We have been pregnant for 174 days...
I cannot believe how fast it has gone by!
Before we know it we'll be at the delivery room... then at Mauldin's graduation! AHHHHH!
Hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chicken Noodle Soup & Grilled Cheese

Tonight was one of those nights where we decided to stay in for dinner.

It was for more than one reason, okay basically just two reasons:

1. my wife, Laura, is still feeling a bit under the weather and 2. the weather has just been nasty and we didn't want to get out after getting home from work.

I thought it might be a nice gesture if I would offer to make our dinner tonight, since it was such an easy receipe. Although, I will say that when I offered I would of never thought Laura would take the offer, however, she said...

"Yah! That sounds great!"

So, I went all out, grabbed the apron, cheese, bread and two cans of cambells chicken noodle soup... Laura being so surprised by this went and grabbed the camera!

The dogs even took part, they were probably hanging around the kitchen because... dad never cooks and so they were hoping I would drop something!

Well, aren't I just a wonderful husband to cook my pregnant wife a wholesome and scrumptous dinner?

I think so!

Me and My Brotha'-in-laws!

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Decorating for the Holidays isn't easy...

For some reason, this year, my wife, Laura, and I have been slow on putting out our Holiday decor'.

Being pregnant causes her to not be able to lift the decoration tubs... etc... I help of course, but she is usually the one who fuels the fire of "decking our halls." Last year she made bows and put a wreath, complete with glittering gold bow, on every window of our house.

Now, granted, we were sure to put out the trees, yes, you read that correctly, my wife insists we have TWO Christmas trees, versus the normal one.

However, she grew up in a house that had multiple trees, so my compromise is two. Anyway, we have somehow lacked and missed putting out the outside decorations... ie. the Christmas lights, wreathes on the windows, garland on the mail box, etc...

Now we are supposed to be having a Holiday get together this weekend and how will it look if our guests show up to a house with no Christmas decorations when they are coming to our home for a night of well-mannered and joyous frivolity?

"Don't you think we should at least do something outside?" I asked Laura.

"Well, I mean, yeah, but it has been hard to this year... either I have been sick, you have been sick, it's been cold ... etc..." said Laura.

"Yah, but I feel weird about having a Holiday gathering and there is no holiday decor for anyone to see! It will just be a get together in December, won't it?" I said.

Now please note our dinner party is Saturday, it is Wednesday and we are running out of time.
And, now, again, something has come up so we can't put out the Christmas decorations...

Rain. It is raining. And, I don't know about you, but putting electrical equipment out on a house touching a latter that would be a very good eletrical conductor as well as the gutters, I would think... maybe it isn't such a good idea.

So, maybe Thursday, or even Saturday morning! HAHA!

If not then next year we will be sure to "deck our halls" for Mauldin's first Christmas!

Friday, December 5, 2008

I've gone and caught a sniffle...

What is it about pregnancy lowering immunity?

I, honestly, was very impressed with myself, until today that is.

My wife, Laura, had caught some sort of sore throat and sniffle virus, most likely from her job of teachin' those little snot nosed... okay, anyway... my point being I was thinking to myself...


"Wow self! You are doing pretty good. Laura has been sick for three days now and you haven't gotten her bug at all... you must have a good immune system!"


Well, here I am now at work with a tissue in my hand.

I mean it isn't the flu or anything, but getting a cold, well lets just say it... sucks!

So lets say it all together, will we?

"Get well soon, Eric!"

Thursday, December 4, 2008

If you haven't noticed...

If you haven't noticed yet...

My wife is seriously starting to show!

24 weeks!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

He likes Green Eggs and Ham, Sam I AM!

Well, it's certainly evident now… if I did not believe Mauldin was in my wife’s belly, I am sure of it now!

No, not because of the countless evidence of pictures from ultrasounds... I mean either it is alittle baby or an alien is truly growing in my wife's womb, curled up so nicely next to her placenta. Okay, I am not even sure what a placenta is for, but for some reason, on Saturday, when we went for our 3D/4D ultrasound that sac was in the way of almost every picture! The boy really thinks it is a huge pillow for him to rest on. Who knows... maybe it is really comfortable?

But, we got some pretty neat pictures in the end...

Last night, my beautiful wife, Laura, and I were in the bed, after watching Heroes, and I decided to read to our little unborn boy. We have a pretty good collection of children’s books in the nursery, so I took it upon myself to go fetch one and see how he would react to the voice of his father, that being me of course. What better to start your son off with than, Harry Potter, well okay, we tried that once and never got a huge response, so this time I utilized a tried and true favorite, Dr. Seuss, “Green Eggs and Ham.” I never really knew how long it was until I read it last night…

I am surprised 'Sam I am' was so persistent, I would of given up after the second, “I do not like Green Eggs and Ham!” I mean obviously he is a very picky eater. (reminds me of someone I know...)

But, he will not eat them in the rain, on a train, with a mouse or in a house. Maybe he would eat them on the couch?

Well, Mauldin seriously liked this story of an anal retentive picky eater ‘cause I felt one of the biggest kicks from him. It was like David Beckham was in my wife’s belly.
It was so amazing! It was a strong kick too... I have been waiting to feel something like that for so long... other times I have felt things I wasn't sure if it was my mind playing tricks on me or not. We did try and get him to kick again, and we found out he sorta likes me singing! LOL! Or maybe he doesn't...
"Stop singing, daddy..."
But, lets just say for now he does... makes me feel better. So, we will now do a combo of entertainment for the little guy. Thanks to my elementary school teacher teaching me the “50 nifty states” song because one, it is one of the songs I readily know all the words to and two, Mauldin seemed to really enjoy the nifty tune.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jumpin' in a pile of leaves...

Who knew that jumping in a pile of leaves would prove to be so fun?

Who knew boys and girls were so different? LOL Okay, I knew it, but today I got some proof! LOL!

This weekend was spent at my in-laws, because this year we will be attending Thanksgiving with my family, the tried and true sacred day of turkey, cornucopias, food drives and tripdafan.

Being married causes you to have to share certain holidays in between families, by which is sometimes an easy feat and others a little more argurous, although my wife, Laura, and I have always been lucky that we have never fought over this issue.

On Sunday morning I decided that we should have some fun with the kids, my nephew and niece, Drew and Annagrace. I mentioned the night before about raking the leaves in the yard and letting the kids jump in them. I mean you can't go through life without atleast jumpin' into a pile of leaves at least once, right? I sincerely hope... no I pray my child isn't a pansy. I want my boy to not be afraid to play and get dirty... to roll on the ground and stand up and laugh... I hope my little boy ends up peeing in his pants because he is having so much fun playing outside! Okay, maybe not the last thing... I do want him to be potty trained, but you get my point.

The first kid to play in the leaves probably never knew it would catch on so... seriously it is a fun thing to do... I mean as long as you get all the sticks, pinecones and other ailing things that could lurk in the pile! I will say it is a little unnerving to hurl yourself into a pile of wet leaves, that can't be sanitary.
But, isn't it worth it to experience the euphoria of leaping into a soft patch of dry foliage on a day when the sun is shining and the leaves are nice and dry...

Truly this is a day for a kodak moment.

Laura, my father-in-law, Bill and brother-in-law, Paul all were sitting at the dinner table the night before when I mentioned the idea... they had no idea I was serious.

Well, we all took part in the fun...

It is the little things in life that you remember for a lifetime...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Nursery of Ambition

Mauldin's nursery is coming along...

Of course, it isn't finished yet... not by a long shot; although, of course, we are having fun throwing around ideas of what we want in there...

We are a very ambitious couple... as you might can tell. We found some college pennants, from some not-so-well-known universities, that we thought it would be cool if Mauldin ended up with a scholarship to!

Sometimes we just stand in the room in total awwh because no matter how Laura's belly grows it just doesn't seem real until you see all the little clothes hanging in the closet. Of course, we have the ultrasound picture, but the real-ness just is not there yet. I am sure it is more real for, my wife, Laura, than I because she is the one waking up in the middle of the night due to Mauldin's nocturnal activities....

The nursery is beginning to come together and look like a room for a child, a very neat child, but a child none-the-less. We have been testing out all the toys ourselves lol, just to make sure they are safe of course!

Now we are not experienced parents... this is our first child and as much as we feel ready... this evening taught us we are still clueless when it comes to certain aspects to parenting. We probably will end up having this issue even when Mauldin is here...

"Hey do you know if it is okay to (insert action regarding a newborn)?"

"Ummm... not sure, go look it up online!"

Yah, cause I know wikipedia is always such a great resource for child rearing.

Honestly though, Laura and I pulled out a blanket and tried to "swaddle" a mickey plush toy... Sorcerer Mickey to be exact. We were hoping his magical abilities would prove to be some help in assisting us in automatically knowing how to swaddle a baby.

"Are you sure that's right," I said "it looks a little tight to me, you don't want to cut off his circulation!"

"Well, I don't know..." said Laura "you try it! I'm sure you will do it right, Mr. father of the century!"
We are really excited about our pending bundle of joy to join the Skates household... I just hope he doesn't mind having such crazy parents.
"Why did I end up with the parents who didn't know how to swaddle?"

We certainly are going to start making a list of "how do you's" when we see our families over the holidays.

Friday, November 14, 2008

A free weekend, oh the possibilities....

Okay, this weekend we are pretty much free to do whatever we want because, unlike most weekends, we don't have any pre-set plans. Atleast any we decided to attend... but with that being said we honestly wanted to have atleast one "free" weekend for ourselves... just ourselves. We contemplated jet setting off to Disney World for the weekend of thoughtless frivolity, but alas, our responsibilities got in the way... sorry Mickey! We really want to be there... (Don't worry, those days are over... *sigh*)

I mean we certainly deserve it don't we? My wife, Laura, is a very hard working teacher and during the week her stress is extemplified ten-fold due to endless meetings and never-ending piles of paperwork. I, on the other hand, have a full-time job and am a part-time student. I am a communication/event coordinator for several Atlanta Business Associations. I am at work everyday from eight to four-thirty, and most days have class until atleast 7:30pm. Whenever we get home we say our hellos, talk about our days, give a hug and a kiss and then spend the rest of the evening either on the computer, side-by-side, or watching a few hours of our favorite shows... usually TMZ, How I met Your Mother, Heroes, Survivor or past seasons of the Mole or Smallville. Then it seems like we are back to work as soon as we got home... it's frustrating! I will try and digress... or change the subject;

Ohhh look! Shiney!
(I do tend to be a tad ADD at times... )
I don't mean to whine, I mean I am glad I have a job! Certainly, but, I guess, I wish there were just more hours in the day... Damn Earth, why couldn't you just revolve a little bit slower?

So, when the weekends get here it is often full of things we have planned to do during the week, but never found time to do because we were so busy. Weekends are usually full of parties, weddings, family get togethers, writing papers, etc...

But, thankfully, this weekend, we are free to do whatever we want... I miss the days when Laura and I would stay home, and just play video games all day... yes, I have a wife that will play video games... and honestly sometimes a LOT better than me. I hope I can sit around with Mauldin and have some quality hand-eye coordination with him... of course we will go out doors and do things too! Catch! Okay, lets go back and finish that level! HAHAHA

Laura and I get so intranced in our games we actually have "no shower" days! I know she will probably say...
"Eric! I can't believe you put that in your blog!"
Really tho, spray on some cologne and apply some deoderant (antipersperiant) and you are good to go for another... say... 6-8 hours! Depending on your activities, of course.

I'm sure there are A LOT of people who have no shower days... (I know of plenty, although, I won't name names... )sometimes consecutive and I doubt they are going to criticize... although, I will say, after a day... a shower and shampoo are a must!

Now it is not like we play "World of Warcraft" like they do on south park, but our video game days do sort of go long... how long? Sometimes we start at 10am and don't finish until... okay we sound really dorky don't we? Alright, I hope you all enjoy your weekend!!!

Have fun while it lasts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Halloween overdue

I am sorry I have been late in posting about our Halloween fright fest, but here are some pictures of the night's events...

Cast:Laura, Me, Amy, Jenn, Paul, Jeremy, Tori, Grant, Annagrace & Drew

Monday, November 10, 2008

Harry & the Headphones

Tonight, my wife, Laura and I decided to give Mauldin his first lesson in Harry Potter. If you did not know Laura and I are big fans of the series, both the movies and books. We are on the hinges of.. well lets say me more than Laura, but almost obessive-like sometimes. You probably already assumed as such if we are exposing our unborn child to the likes of the Boy Wizard, the chosen one if you will... or the Boy who lived, okay I disgress, if you aren't picking up on these refrences pick up a book or a movie and you may can follow this a little bit... honestly, if you haven't seen Harry Potter, for religious reasons or something you may want to losen up a little bit. I mean I don't think Mauldin will come out of the womb wanting to study potions for a living. But, you know what if he does we will just say he likes chemistry!

The point of my blog is to introduce that Mauldin has began kicking, well not like, "whoa he just knocked my hand off your belly kicking," but Laura swears she is feeling it. Although, everytime I place my hand on the ever-growing bump, the kicking subsides, well lets say it, all together goes away. Is she making this up? Is she just wanting to feel it so bad it is happening, or is Mauldin playing a cruel joke on daddy already? Well, whatever it is I would like to feel it happen... atleast once!

Back to the headphones and Mr. Potter... we are trying to give Mauldin some culture early on... there are no concrete studies that; say playing music or whatever will make your child smarter, but who says it will make them, I dunno, not smarter? So, will Mauldin be born speaking with a British accent? Well, if he does wouldn't that be hilarious?