Friday, December 5, 2008

I've gone and caught a sniffle...

What is it about pregnancy lowering immunity?

I, honestly, was very impressed with myself, until today that is.

My wife, Laura, had caught some sort of sore throat and sniffle virus, most likely from her job of teachin' those little snot nosed... okay, anyway... my point being I was thinking to myself...


"Wow self! You are doing pretty good. Laura has been sick for three days now and you haven't gotten her bug at all... you must have a good immune system!"


Well, here I am now at work with a tissue in my hand.

I mean it isn't the flu or anything, but getting a cold, well lets just say it... sucks!

So lets say it all together, will we?

"Get well soon, Eric!"


Melissa Perdue said...

Aw, Eric, I hope you AND Laura feel better soon! I was always lucky, and my immune system seemed to be boosted with pregnancy. Well, usually. Anyhow, get well soon!

Anonymous said...

oh noes! i hope you feel better. maybe it's a great opportunity to play the greatest game in the world (ultimate alliance)! :-)

Anonymous said...

It's simply a precursor of things to come...those little germ-factories they call Daycare, will bring you all sorts of unexpected tummy gurglings and sinus infections!

Rum and coke my man. OH, and throw some lemon in there so Laura doesn't think you're just "having a drink."

tami said...

just wait until Mauldin starts daycare. I cant remember the last time I had a sinus infection....and have had three since Caleb started daycare! nice!

James Austin said...

You think your imune system is compromised now. Wait until the little champ comes along. And if you plan to have him in day care...fugetaboutit!

Get well soon.