Monday, December 29, 2008

2009 is upon us... Year end review... and beyond

Well, it has come to my attention (not that I am not the kind of person who doesn’t pay attention) that it has finally hit me that we have less than a week until the new year… is here!

I know, sometimes it take a while for things to really sink in. I digress...

Now, have I accomplished everything I wanted in 2008? I guess you could say this year has been sort of a busy one. I mean if you look back three big milestones have been crossed off… #1. Getting married to Laura…#2. Honeymoon and #3. We got pregnant, okay Laura got pregnant, but I helped!

SIDE NOTE: Some people say our bundle of joy on the way was a honeymoon baby, but he isn’t. That is my story and I know it to be true.

Anyway, the year has kind of been a blur of events… January to June were all basically preparing for our wedding… all that was talked about or discussed was wedding invitations, tuxes, dresses, flowers, wedding showers, wedding gifts, wedding guests, well you get the picture…then the honeymoon! After we got back things sorta slowed down, that is, until we found out on July 16 we were going to have a baby!

July to the present have been… I am sure you can guess… baby, baby, baby… Which I do not mind in the least, but do you find a trend here? We like to plan big events! Hahaha

I guess come March we will be finishing up planning for our big family trip to Walt Disney World in September.

I mean, that is if he actually comes in March... I have figured I may have my son born while I am still 28... we will just have to wait and see.

We are now in our 27th week on our way to week 28 which, soon-there-after, is the beginning of the, dum dum dum, 3rd trimester!!!!!!!!!!!!Whoa.

Another thing that kind of hit me today was when Laura sent me an email asking me about the dates of our “birthing class” (all I could picture was that scene from "Baby Mama" HAHAHA) and then texting me a very interesting question…

“Do you want to cut the cord?” Now, being the knowledgeable person I am I figured she meant Mauldin’s cord… but what if she was talking about some other cord? That is such a big decision… I started wondering, well do I? Acting as if there were a choice of cords… like on a bomb.. the red one or blue one? Of course I do right? But, what if I pass out… what if I start sweating like some sort of farm animal and can’t do it… everyone is gonna call me a wuss… now is that where we are? Are we thinking of other people in this instance.. I should be thinking about my son… this is my son! I am never going to get this chance again… my one and only chance to do this. My child needs to have his umbilical cord cut, but will Laura resent me for cutting the cord that connected her and Mauldin for those long nine months? Of course not, that is quite preposterous, but welcome to my mind. So, what did I finally decide in those two seconds… yes, a person with ADD thinks that fast… “Y-e-s.” That is all I texted back to her.

So, here we are upon the end of the year 2008 and about to venture into new territory… What exactly will 2009 bring… well besides the birth of my first born man-child? I mean that is a pretty big, life altering difference, right?

Who knows… if we knew what would be the point of waking up if we knew what was going to happen? I mean if I seriously knew I was gonna wake up, go to work and come home and not have anything truly interesting happen to me… I might as well stay home and enjoy my new Xbox360 game… however, I was not blessed with the gift to see into the future as Cassandra did back in the ole’ Greek days… But, bear in mind, it didn’t turn out so good for her.

Alright 2009… bring it on. Lets do this.


Laura said...

I thought your quick and short response was interesting. Now I know what was really going on in your brain. It's been a wonderful year and I can't wait to share next year with you and our son :)

Eric said...

you read my mind :) As per usual.

Captain Dumbass said...

Congrats on the coming baby. Wow, what a year. One piece of advice for the big day, comfortable pants. Sure, you might get lucky and have the super fast delivery, but if not... comfortable pants, my friend.

erindelanty said...

Congrats - it will be an exciting year! I got a google alert about a new post and thought I'd pop over and say hello!

How did the shirt work out?


BusyDad said...

Best of luck to you two. It will be a year to remember. Well, everything but the cord part. I think I cut cut the cord... I think. I was so punch drunk with confusion and emotion by the time little Fury popped out that I pretty much just went through the motions, all while thinking "what the hell just happened??" You don't start remembering stuff until you regain your equilibrium about 2 weeks later. Cheers! From one "new" dad to another!

Anonymous said...

That's so exciting! I'm happy for you both and you're around the corner from seeing your bundle of joy! :-)

Surfer Jay said...

Cut it, cut it! Although, may I question your logic? One of your arguments for cutting the cord is that it very well could be a once in a lifetime oppurtunity. And to actually sever the physical tie between mother and child....

I asked I really need to get so close to the blood and guts. I like the way I see her body pictured in my mind, and I don't need to taint that splendid image. Why would I go and see her all stretched out and bloody? I feared having to start using viagra at 29. I kept my eyes above the waist.

I got Gears2 on christmas for my XBox. Man, crack on tv...

Anonymous said...

First things first: Dangit! I ordered the Legos Star Wars all in one game thingy for the Wii, but it never shipped. So, it's on order AGAIN!

Secondly, I didn't cut the cord on either of my boys. In fact, I stayed up "near the top" the entire time (OK, I peeked once..and that was enough!). There are those who may say that it's a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I would agree, but it's one I can do without thank you very much! To each his own.

I hope you guys have a fantastic 2009!

Anonymous said...

I am not sure you can cut the cord. You are right you may pass out but with all the excitement you may be ok. Kelly just held the fan and my foot so that I would not pass out. The nurse really wanted to get me a mirror so I could see. Really you dont want to see. Good luck and I cant wait to see Manuldin. Mom and I already bought him his 1st Christmas gift.

James Austin said...

It will be a life changing year for you both. Enjoy1

Eric said...

@Cap- Already got 'em packed!

@Erin- The shirt is packed and looks great!

@Busy Dad- Ditto! Thanks for all your advice... appreciate it more than you know dude.

@Terri- We will text you on the way to the hospital! :)

@Jay- I might need to try that game...

@Postulates- Your game came in yet?

@Mandy- You know when someone says I "can't" do something.. I will be cutting it!

@James- Yep! Thanks man!