Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chicken Noodle Soup & Grilled Cheese

Tonight was one of those nights where we decided to stay in for dinner.

It was for more than one reason, okay basically just two reasons:

1. my wife, Laura, is still feeling a bit under the weather and 2. the weather has just been nasty and we didn't want to get out after getting home from work.

I thought it might be a nice gesture if I would offer to make our dinner tonight, since it was such an easy receipe. Although, I will say that when I offered I would of never thought Laura would take the offer, however, she said...

"Yah! That sounds great!"

So, I went all out, grabbed the apron, cheese, bread and two cans of cambells chicken noodle soup... Laura being so surprised by this went and grabbed the camera!

The dogs even took part, they were probably hanging around the kitchen because... dad never cooks and so they were hoping I would drop something!

Well, aren't I just a wonderful husband to cook my pregnant wife a wholesome and scrumptous dinner?

I think so!


Anonymous said...

mmm! i love yummy dinners :-)

rcurcio said...

Hey! Nice to meet you and Congrats! That's some great news! Being a first time parent is always so exciting and frightening at the same time-- just remember-- they aren't as fragile as they look. Especially little boys! You and your wife are going to have your hands full, but in a good way =)

Keep Liz in check at work!

-Rachael Curcio(oh and the spell- I've never heard that one before. Don't really know much about Harry Potter, but thanks for the info)

Rob said...

Ah, could be the first of many, many meals to come with Dad at the helm! My wife & I share the domestic duties, but honestly, I've become the primary cook.

But thankfully, kids love simple foods like mac & cheese, grilled sammiches, soups, & hot cereal on cold mornings.