Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Decorating for the Holidays isn't easy...

For some reason, this year, my wife, Laura, and I have been slow on putting out our Holiday decor'.

Being pregnant causes her to not be able to lift the decoration tubs... etc... I help of course, but she is usually the one who fuels the fire of "decking our halls." Last year she made bows and put a wreath, complete with glittering gold bow, on every window of our house.

Now, granted, we were sure to put out the trees, yes, you read that correctly, my wife insists we have TWO Christmas trees, versus the normal one.

However, she grew up in a house that had multiple trees, so my compromise is two. Anyway, we have somehow lacked and missed putting out the outside decorations... ie. the Christmas lights, wreathes on the windows, garland on the mail box, etc...

Now we are supposed to be having a Holiday get together this weekend and how will it look if our guests show up to a house with no Christmas decorations when they are coming to our home for a night of well-mannered and joyous frivolity?

"Don't you think we should at least do something outside?" I asked Laura.

"Well, I mean, yeah, but it has been hard to this year... either I have been sick, you have been sick, it's been cold ... etc..." said Laura.

"Yah, but I feel weird about having a Holiday gathering and there is no holiday decor for anyone to see! It will just be a get together in December, won't it?" I said.

Now please note our dinner party is Saturday, it is Wednesday and we are running out of time.
And, now, again, something has come up so we can't put out the Christmas decorations...

Rain. It is raining. And, I don't know about you, but putting electrical equipment out on a house touching a latter that would be a very good eletrical conductor as well as the gutters, I would think... maybe it isn't such a good idea.

So, maybe Thursday, or even Saturday morning! HAHA!

If not then next year we will be sure to "deck our halls" for Mauldin's first Christmas!


Liz said...

You can't have a party without the lights! i insist you put them up by sat night and i'm not even coming!!! haha you will surely be missed at OUR "holiday" party on sat night!

tami lee said...

Uh, you have to have Christmas lights or Caleb will be sad. LOL! Just kidding.

Christmas isn't about the is about the friends and family you spend it with. So - decorations or no decorations - we will all be in the Christmas spirit because we will be spending it together! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it's beautiful! I'm feel like such a Debbie Downer that I'm going to miss the dp saturday... (charlie brown's teacher: wah- wahhh)

Anonymous said...

Quick! Run to Home Depot and get an pre-lit Wreath to hang on your front door. VOILA! Instant outdoor decor!

Oh, gotta ask: What are those oddly shaped things hanging above and to the right of the tree?

jeskates said...

We have a front door wreathe... but that's about all outside. And, I guess I should mention.. this isn't a picture of our tree... nor the inside of our home! (Guess that is what you get for stealing pictures from flicker!)

Anonymous said...

You GOTTA have lights and decorations!!! If you haven't had the party yet then get that behind of yours moving, Mister! If your wife isn't up to doing it - then you have to pick up the excuses! And don't even talk to me about the cold weather! It's barely above 0 here in the Wisconsin deep-freeze so we know ALL about cold and Carl put ours up in this stuff! Now - get crackin! :) (Billie)