Friday, December 12, 2008


Alright, now, I know some pregnant women have cravings… yearnings if you will… and some pretty odd ones at that!

But, they are completely justified because... they are feeding not just them, but the baby within'.

I have a friend who loved chili-cheese fries (Megan), some ladies prefer salty crackers, sweet candy or sour pickles.

My wife, Laura, lucky for me, hasn’t had too many cravings. I mean honestly, I have had more cravings than she has! I have about four needs... for food! My vice for ice, my yearning for lattes, cheezits and can we say, "I scream, you scream, we all scream..."

Although, from what I have seen on television or known via stereotype, I have had it pretty easy. Whenever Laura has asked for something I certainly haven’t wasted anytime getting for her.

We were home just sitting in the kitchen and all of a sudden a look of both terror and delight was upon her gleaming face. It looked as if she had a feeling that she needed to have quenched, but was not sure how it would be done and it sent her into a trance of panic within her psyche.

I could tell she was thinking... "I want this, but how am I going to obtain it??? How will I convince Eric to go out with me to get it??? I need it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

“What’s wrong?” I asked ever-so politely.

“I finally got a craving,” said Laura.

“Oh wow,” I said. “What is it???”

“Cinnamon rolls…” she said, and continued. “and chicken salad!”

“Ewawhhhaaaa…” I said. “Are you sure?”


So, we got ready and set out to the car and headed to the store to suffice her craving from the pregnancy gods.

“Do you just wanna buy some chicken salad?” I asked.

“No, I wanna make it, but I need to call dad to see how to make it!”

So, after we picked everything up at the store, we went straight home and Laura started creating her masterpiece of a craving.

“I feel like Steve Carrell’s character on the forty year-old virgin.” She said. “What if people ask me what I did this weekend? I will have to say, well I had a craving for chicken salad, but noticed I didn’t have all the ingredients, so I had to go to the store and get the chicken and the mayonnaise, and the ecrutrameau (sp)”


Well, if you or someone close to you has a craving… I mean they do not have to be pregnant, but anyway, if you have this issue arise, there are support discussion forums for this! Yes, I kid you not, check it out at:

Weird Cravings and more...

*I stand corrected by my wife... EGG SALAD*


Laura said...

Let's be honest honey...It wasn't chicken salad. It was egg salad. :)

Eric said...

I stand corrected... they are equally gross... lol

Anonymous said...

I craved Ice and Sour Patch Kids. I also ate alot of slushies from Sconic. Good Luck guys.

Anonymous said...

Chicken salad isn't gross- have chick-fil-a's chicken salad, it's yummy! my sister-in-law craved guacamole like there's no tomorrow. i completely forgot what my sister craved. she was actually a good eater while prego- weirdo. haha! Like i said, if Laura feels a cupcake craving... you know who to call! ;-)

Cess said...

Loved this "Cravings" blog, Eric but I DO have a question: "What is ecrutrameau?" It's not an English word I was thought when I lived in the States.

Ooh yeah, my sister craved food from Curacao when she was pregnant and her husband drove all the way to Tilly (where I live to buy her some (that's 3 hours). Tilly is the only city in the Netherlands that has a Curacaoen restaurant.

James Austin said...

That's hilarious. My wife didn't crave anything except being away from all food. She was sick for nearly 6 months.

Anonymous said...

a most disgusting combo! But it makes for a great story. Stick this in your "What can I make for a sweet, yet simple anniversary dinner one day down the road when I've forgotten to plan ahead."

She'll be blown away that you remembered.

James Austin said...

Sorry Eric, but you have been tagged. Check out my post and play along if you like.

Surfer Jay said...

Hey it could have been worse, much worse.
My Lilly only craved the things she had to stop eating, such as sushi, alcohal, certain lunch meats. I was lucky not having to make midnight