Thursday, July 31, 2008

You know you are a fan when...

You know you are a fan when…

You certainly know you are a fan when you plan your life around a vacation to the sacred place that is, Walt Disney World. Well, that is just what we did… In September 2009, Laura’s family and mine will be going to Disney World at the same time!!! Not sure if it will be the same resort, but… we’ll see if that happens.

Somehow the stars have aligned and it has given me, oh I’m sorry, us, the chance to experience our favorite vacation spot with our immediate family members!!! We knew we had to plan it or Laura may be at Disney World 8 months pregnant or even possibly we could have just had the baby and how would we swing that??? So, we figured if we didn’t get pregnant by September of this year then we would have to stop trying until this Spring… so that way, Laura would just be pregnant at Disney and not actually about to give birth! But, wouldn’t it be cool to say “I had my baby at Disney World?” LOL! Just kidding, but seriously!

Another reason for thinking ahead is because of Laura’s job… she is a teacher, so we thought if we plan this just right she can have more time with the baby during the summer and that is less time we have to have childcare!!! So, planning ahead is not just crazy… it’s very economical! As you can tell…we are the type of people who like to plan ahead, but this is a little out there, right? Well, not if you think about how many people if effects! You try telling three kids under the age of 5 “no, we cannot go to Disney World because you are getting a new cousin!” Drew, Everett & Annagrace would probably never forgive Aunt Lala and Uncle Eric if they were the reason they didn’t get to go see Mickey Mouse!!!

So far we have planned it just right… I never once thought, in December 2007, the last time I was at Disney, the next time I would return I’d be a DAD! Try to wrap that around your head… It still boggles my mind that we are actually going to have a baby! I hate that our child won’t be able to remember anything from this trip, but there will be plenty of pictures and family members around to tell stories… Dad J So, not only are we planning for a baby, we will also be planning a trip of epic proportions to the happiest place on earth!!! Pray for us, will you? HAHAHA!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Is it bad I wanna be a cool dad?

Is it bad I wanna be a cool dad?

If you were wondering… All of these can be found on my wish list!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mowers, cars & a little boy!

This weekend was pretty exciting, fun and exhausting all at the same time. Laura and I got a first hand look at what it is like to have a two-year old, at least for about 30 hours! Everett, my ever-so cute and tractor loving nephew, came for an overnight stay. We tried to have this experience last weekend, but sadly Everett came down with an unexpected virus, and with Laura being newly pregnant, we thought it would be a bad idea to expose her to the tiny spec that caused Everett such problems...
Everett had been talking about "coming to stay with Aunt Lala" for weeks, so we were hoping he didn't have the idea he was coming for part of the day and then leaving with mom and Mandy so very promptly when he was ready to go! Thankfully, Everett has quite a fascination with my wife so if he didn't want to do something I could simply input, "but Aunt Lala...." and insert whatever I am needing him to do... and everything would be hunky dory... I guess we can try and see if this theory worked!
We were not sure how everything was going to go because Everett has never really been "away" from home for an extended period of time... For those of you who do not know, Everett is my sister's one and only pride and joy, not to mention my mom's only grandson, so he is quite the little prized piece! For now, that is... in 8 months there will be two grandkids!!!
This Saturday my mom, sister & Everett came down to our house, in Canton, from Dalton. We all went out for a day of "baby" looking... we went to a couple of baby stores to get an idea of things good and bad, and also gave us some good suggestions on what we should register for when the time came.

After being out for a good couple of hours we made our way back to our house where my sister, Mandy and my mom stealthfully slipped out-of-the-house while we were in the backyard with Everett, and our dogs, Andy & Logan.

Later on we decided we would take Everett on a little outing and take him to Walmart, maybe stop and get some ice cream and then surprise him with a trip to Home Depot to see the lawn mowers. (Every kid has their vices, some it's Miley Cyrus or Thomas the train, Everett loves mowers, tractors & backhoes.) But, unbeknownst to us my mom had been so kind to leave us her Honda Minivan, however, she failed to leave us the keys to actually drive, said Minivan.

Laura and I decided the best course of action was to see if we could create a play date with Annagrace! Annagrace is mine and Laura's blond haired, blue eyed, adorable, fair-skinned one and a half year old niece who lives down the street. If Everett loves his Aunt Lala he would surely like Annagrace... and that he did, but at first it took a little bit for him to warm up to her, just like it takes any child to warm up to someone they first meet! They were laughin' and putting each other in the standard gender roles almost like a well rehearsed play! Annagrace played in her little playhouse while Everett mowed the lawn.

After a good amount of playtime we decided to head back and start on dinner... and get Everett cleaned up a little bit before it was time to eat. We invited Aunt Jenn, Uncle Paul & Annagrace over for dinner as to keep Everett plenty entertained. I mean a kid can only play with cars, ride his little bike and watch Ratatouille so much right?!?! We knew he loved "lickin' beaters" so Aunt Lala made some brownies just so he could!!! He was sooo cute about the whole thing, he took it so seriously!

Fast forward to after dinner we all went outside to play with the dogs and when it started to get dark Annagrace, Jenn & Paul left to go home. We told Everett it was bath time and we needed to get cleaned up so we could watch a movie and get ready for b-e-d. Bath time came and went with no hiccups or issues. We were getting pretty proud of ourselves! We could do no wrong, we thought! Here we were actually caring for a child and keeping him entertained and happy! Who knew!?

After bath time we got him dressed in his "Queen" (A Cars, character, if you were not aware..McQueen, to be exact) pajamas and sat down on the couch to watch "The Little Mermaid." We all sang a-long to every song and he was all smiles...until.. dun-dun-dun! Here it was... we actually popped the fun bubble... or should I say... I did. I, unwittingly, was rubbing Laura's tummy and asked Everett if he knew what was inside Aunt Lala's belly!? He shook his head no and we told him how a baby was inside her belly... his new cousin!
We asked him "would like a new cousin to play with...?"
His whole demeanor completely transformed. Everett was no longer happy. I could see it in his eyes... the look of jealously! He actually got up from snuggling with us and moved to the other side of the couch... he wanted as far away as he could get! I went over to him and tickled him and asked him if he wanted to help me let the dogs outside to go pee-pee. He said "yes," so I picked him up and we let the dogs out... I then asked him if he would like something to drink, "yes, I'd like some papaw-juice," (Chocolate milk) so I opened the fridge and got his drink out. Everett took his drink, walked over to the couch, and hopped up in Aunt Lala's lap. Crisis averted! Temporarily, atleast. Moral of story... do not talk about pregnancy with Everett.
Fast forward, the Little Mermaid is over, he waves good-bye and goodnight along with Ariel, Prince Eric, King Triton & ALL the mer-people of Atlantica and we turn the movie off. Here we are... the home stretch! Can we actually get him to go to sleep?!?!
Aunt Lala hops in the bed, with Everett snuggled up to her right side and begins to read "Peter Rabbit." I, lean in on the other side of him and ask him if it is okay that I lay in the bed too!He shakes his head yes, so I lay next to him while she reads the story. I can tell he loves the story... but it is over really quick... here it is... we kiss him good night, turn off the light and lay down, but he does not. Everett sits up and yawns periodically... He stays sitting up in the dark, in the middle of us for at least 15 minutes without a word... just a yawn every other minute or two. Finally, I fall asleep and am awaken by something hitting me... I immediately think, "did Everett just HIT me?" But, no, he was trying very hard to stay awake... he was fighting going to sleep as much as he could... like Nicole Kidman in "Invasion of the Body Snatches!" LOL! Only difference is 1. he couldn't fight it, he ended up with his head on the pillow snuggled up to Aunt Lala... and 2. His body wasn't taken over by an alien virus.

Again, fast forward, the next morning... up at 8:30AM and Aunt Lala makes breakfast! We watch some cartoons and then off to see Annagrace and let Everett mow the yard!!! We stay for about an hour and then back to the house to get him ready to go "home!" While we were waiting on my sister to come pick him up we watched "Logan & the Tramp" (or so Everett calls is)... He just loves our dogs!!! It is official. We had such a fun weekend with him and I sure hope we get to do it again. But, I will say we did not leave the house for the rest of the day because we were pooped!

Thanks to all that aided in us having a wonderful weekend!!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

To spank or not to spank, that is the question!

Last night, my wife, Laura and I were sitting in bed reading when I came across something interesting in my book "The Expectant Father: Facts, Tips and Advice for Dads-to-Be, Second Edition" by Armin A. Brott. It rasied many questions that I knew Laura and I were most likely on the same page about, but just to make sure I may need to bring them up...

So, question number #1. When you come home from the hospital where do you prefer the baby sleep?

-In the book it says you must discuss this because if you differ from your point-of-view then you need to figure out your plan of action before the baby arrives.

We both totally agreed that sleeping in the bed with us just would not work. The place we both agreed upon was "The cradle" in our room.

#2. Whenever our child gets a little older and wants to sleep in our bed how do we handle this situation.

-Now this is very important because I think there should only be certain special circumstances where your child sleeps in your bed. So, that is exactly what we agreed on... There is a baby room for a reason and that is where he/she shall sleep. Of course, extreme situations veto this rule temporarily.

#3. Spanking!? To spank or not to spank...

-Well, the way I was brought up was if you do something bad, you basically are spanked. But, here is the problem... my wife, Laura, was such a good child I think she was "popped" on the behind maybe two times in her ENTIRE adolesence! However, for me, that was sooooo not the case. That is where I am afraid. I was not what you would call a "good kid" because I was always into something... I was spoiled rotten and pretty much did whatever... yet my parents were amazing parents and displined me the best way they could. My mom was the "bad guy" when it came to disipline. My dad, I do not think he spanked me, ever. Atleast I do not remember if he did. But, my mom... oohhhh my mom meant business, big time. I will never forget, if my mom went to get "Daddy's belt" I was about to be spanked on the behind. I could only run behind mamaw and papaw for so long... it was inevitable... I was getting "popped" on the behind. So, I asked Laura, how do you feel about this form of punishment? Well, she being the teacher she is, said "I feel we should utilize the 'naughty spot' philosphy first and if we are unsuccessful in that venture then that is where we can give them 'a little pop on the behind.'" So, here we are 3 for 3 in total agreement! Nice!

#4. Tantrums...

-I know this is the tricky one... and I know everyone has their own opinion on this... But, this is what we think, at the moment, so just humor me, okay? I mean when they are old enough to have temper tantrums they will be unable to actually 'reason' with you, right? I mean I know adults who have temper tantrums and still cannot reason with them!!! LOL! Okay, well, I am no doctor or child psychologist, but I figure it is hard to reason with a one year old on why he/she cannot do something or have something they REALLY want/need! So, I suggested this, we take our child away from said situation (in a corner somewhere) and try to 'reason' with them on why they should not act this way... if this doesn't work we totally take them out of the situation and head home. Now, I know this is not going to work in every situation, but we are new at this and this is what is making us think we will be AWESOME parents right now, so bare with me! :)

Oh, yes, we were in total agreement for this as well.

So, here Laura and I are, on the same page for everything so far...

Yet, every couple argues about something right?

When this happens... I will let you know ;)

<---------This is the next book I want!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Name Bank

Okay, let me start by saying picking names... sounds fun, right?
Well, in a way it is, but when you really think about it you are changing the course of your child's future...
I mean no one wants to end up naming their kid a name after someone they loathed in high school and of course no one wants their name copied in the close circle of friends/family. Not to mention, no one wants to name their kid like a celebrity or hippy!
So, do you go with family names with meaning or just something you like!!!!????
You can mix and match... there are so many options! Do you go with something new and different or do you stay traditional and safe?
Well, no matter what you do, do it because you like the name and can pronounce, spell and others don't wince at the sound of it!
With that said, our choices, thus far are as follows:

Please note: Listing of the names are in no particular order... we, as future parents, have the right to change our minds at any moment, up until the birth actually occurs. This list is for merely entertainment purposes to keep us occupied until the baby arrives :)





There are plenty of names that we pondered upon and they may resurface...
Girls: Audrey, Macy, Pacey, and Jillian - Boys: Cannon, Carter, Phillip and Keats

Please know that we are planning on having more children, so there will be more than this chance to utilize our name bank. I mean, what if it is twins?!


I've been married a month & my wife is four weeks pregnant!

Alright, I decided to start this blog because, Laura, my beautiful and insanly intelligent wife started one! I thought, it was only fitting, that I gave my side of the story. So, here we go. Let me lay out the story for you... June 7th, 2008 Laura and I got married.

FAST FORWARD to June 17th, 2008 when we returned from our beautiful and long honeymoon in Jamaica. We decided when we got back it would be the time to start trying to have a baby. We had heard from many people that is takes at least a month for a woman's body to be used to being "off" of birth control and up to a year before you would conceieve. So, the planners we are, Laura and I both hopped on-line, bought a couple of books and began the process. I am a person who likes instant gratification and for it to take a year... well that is just crazy talk! I looked up to see what kind of foods made you more fertile.. and such and found out alcohol was not only bad for women, but my swimmers too! Oh, and did I forget to mention my love for Starbucks? Well, apparently caffine is a bad thing as well... In my mind I had made myself totally infertile.

Fast forward to ovulation kit! Laura bought one to speed up the process... it is kind of a "cheat code" in a video game... kind of gives you the idea of when to "strike" so to speak! So, after cutting out all things "bad for fertility"... and following the "ovulation codes" all we could do was wait. But, patience is not im my vocabulary... I literaly had to look up how to spell the word. Just kiddin', but seriously, Laura had already decided she wasn't preggo. And, after we had come to accept our fate that we'd need to wait a little while (that is a totally different story and you all will think we are nuts, but I will address that reason at a later date.)Laura suprised me at home on July 16th that she had gotten a positive reading on a pregnancy test! We told my family and her family almost instantly!!! But, would they be happy??? How would they react? Well, in a word, ecstatic!

A lot of people, maybe 10 total (hahaha) do not know that we are pregnant. Thanks to my family back home in Dalton, that is... My mom, sister, Mandy and Aunt Willena, I am sure, took care of that. And, I say "we" are pregnant because it was a decision made by Laura and I to take on this epic adventure of parenthood so early on. We are in this together 100%. And, no, let me put this idea to rest, our new bundle of joy, ever-so happily growing inside of Laura's ever-expanding belly, was not a "honeymoon baby!" We figured it would be a bad idea to ingest lots of free alcohol during our honeymoon and so carelessly get pregnant... so we decided to wait until we got home to starting "trying!"

With that said, here we are... 5 weeks in and awaiting our first doctor's visit on August 13th. I am really, really excited!!!! I probably tell 2 people a day, sorry, but it is just a difficult thing to not be pumped up about. I mean, I am a fertile man who can actually reproduce.. and in my eyes, that is a great thing to be happy about.

Well, there will be so much more to tell during the next nine months of newness...
So, stay tuned for what's to come!