Thursday, July 24, 2008

Name Bank

Okay, let me start by saying picking names... sounds fun, right?
Well, in a way it is, but when you really think about it you are changing the course of your child's future...
I mean no one wants to end up naming their kid a name after someone they loathed in high school and of course no one wants their name copied in the close circle of friends/family. Not to mention, no one wants to name their kid like a celebrity or hippy!
So, do you go with family names with meaning or just something you like!!!!????
You can mix and match... there are so many options! Do you go with something new and different or do you stay traditional and safe?
Well, no matter what you do, do it because you like the name and can pronounce, spell and others don't wince at the sound of it!
With that said, our choices, thus far are as follows:

Please note: Listing of the names are in no particular order... we, as future parents, have the right to change our minds at any moment, up until the birth actually occurs. This list is for merely entertainment purposes to keep us occupied until the baby arrives :)





There are plenty of names that we pondered upon and they may resurface...
Girls: Audrey, Macy, Pacey, and Jillian - Boys: Cannon, Carter, Phillip and Keats

Please know that we are planning on having more children, so there will be more than this chance to utilize our name bank. I mean, what if it is twins?!



Laura said...

I love our names!

Anonymous said...

I love the potentials (especially Scarlett)!! :-) Another coin (maybe) to add in the bank for picking names is the timlessness of the name...

Tami said...

names already!! ha!! I like your selections! You will soon learn that everyone thinks they have a say in what the name should be. You and Laura need to go with what your hearts tell you!

Mandy said...

Wow I take great pics. hahah. I love the names and cant wait to hear more in the next 9 months.
Aunt Mandy