Thursday, July 24, 2008

I've been married a month & my wife is four weeks pregnant!

Alright, I decided to start this blog because, Laura, my beautiful and insanly intelligent wife started one! I thought, it was only fitting, that I gave my side of the story. So, here we go. Let me lay out the story for you... June 7th, 2008 Laura and I got married.

FAST FORWARD to June 17th, 2008 when we returned from our beautiful and long honeymoon in Jamaica. We decided when we got back it would be the time to start trying to have a baby. We had heard from many people that is takes at least a month for a woman's body to be used to being "off" of birth control and up to a year before you would conceieve. So, the planners we are, Laura and I both hopped on-line, bought a couple of books and began the process. I am a person who likes instant gratification and for it to take a year... well that is just crazy talk! I looked up to see what kind of foods made you more fertile.. and such and found out alcohol was not only bad for women, but my swimmers too! Oh, and did I forget to mention my love for Starbucks? Well, apparently caffine is a bad thing as well... In my mind I had made myself totally infertile.

Fast forward to ovulation kit! Laura bought one to speed up the process... it is kind of a "cheat code" in a video game... kind of gives you the idea of when to "strike" so to speak! So, after cutting out all things "bad for fertility"... and following the "ovulation codes" all we could do was wait. But, patience is not im my vocabulary... I literaly had to look up how to spell the word. Just kiddin', but seriously, Laura had already decided she wasn't preggo. And, after we had come to accept our fate that we'd need to wait a little while (that is a totally different story and you all will think we are nuts, but I will address that reason at a later date.)Laura suprised me at home on July 16th that she had gotten a positive reading on a pregnancy test! We told my family and her family almost instantly!!! But, would they be happy??? How would they react? Well, in a word, ecstatic!

A lot of people, maybe 10 total (hahaha) do not know that we are pregnant. Thanks to my family back home in Dalton, that is... My mom, sister, Mandy and Aunt Willena, I am sure, took care of that. And, I say "we" are pregnant because it was a decision made by Laura and I to take on this epic adventure of parenthood so early on. We are in this together 100%. And, no, let me put this idea to rest, our new bundle of joy, ever-so happily growing inside of Laura's ever-expanding belly, was not a "honeymoon baby!" We figured it would be a bad idea to ingest lots of free alcohol during our honeymoon and so carelessly get pregnant... so we decided to wait until we got home to starting "trying!"

With that said, here we are... 5 weeks in and awaiting our first doctor's visit on August 13th. I am really, really excited!!!! I probably tell 2 people a day, sorry, but it is just a difficult thing to not be pumped up about. I mean, I am a fertile man who can actually reproduce.. and in my eyes, that is a great thing to be happy about.

Well, there will be so much more to tell during the next nine months of newness...
So, stay tuned for what's to come!


Anonymous said...

Eric - you crack me up! But aside from your talent to make me laugh - I have to tell you how happy I am for both you and Laura. This baby is one lucky baby to have a mommy and daddy like you two. I am so looking forward to the next 8 months of pregnancy updates and pictures. If you are this excited now - I can only imagine how you are going to be as the big day gets closer. Love to you both, Billie

Karri said...

"Swimmers" - haha! I think I know entirely too much about your reproducing abilities now :-) I am looking forward to seeing photographic updates of Laura growing belly. Yay for you both!!!

Mimi said...

I soooooooooo cannot wait until you have kids and try to "reason" with a one year old! I'm gonna laugh my shorts off! I'm so happy for you guys. Just remember that parenthood does NOT come with a manual no matter what any child psychologist writes, and every child is different. You and Mandy are just alike, right? Always always always trust your instinct and remember that YOU are the parent, not the grandparents, or aunts and uncles, but YOU. Enjoy the time that you two have together as a couple, cause when that little bundle of joy gets here, it's gonna ROCK YOUR WORLD!
Love you guys, Mimi