Friday, November 14, 2008

A free weekend, oh the possibilities....

Okay, this weekend we are pretty much free to do whatever we want because, unlike most weekends, we don't have any pre-set plans. Atleast any we decided to attend... but with that being said we honestly wanted to have atleast one "free" weekend for ourselves... just ourselves. We contemplated jet setting off to Disney World for the weekend of thoughtless frivolity, but alas, our responsibilities got in the way... sorry Mickey! We really want to be there... (Don't worry, those days are over... *sigh*)

I mean we certainly deserve it don't we? My wife, Laura, is a very hard working teacher and during the week her stress is extemplified ten-fold due to endless meetings and never-ending piles of paperwork. I, on the other hand, have a full-time job and am a part-time student. I am a communication/event coordinator for several Atlanta Business Associations. I am at work everyday from eight to four-thirty, and most days have class until atleast 7:30pm. Whenever we get home we say our hellos, talk about our days, give a hug and a kiss and then spend the rest of the evening either on the computer, side-by-side, or watching a few hours of our favorite shows... usually TMZ, How I met Your Mother, Heroes, Survivor or past seasons of the Mole or Smallville. Then it seems like we are back to work as soon as we got home... it's frustrating! I will try and digress... or change the subject;

Ohhh look! Shiney!
(I do tend to be a tad ADD at times... )
I don't mean to whine, I mean I am glad I have a job! Certainly, but, I guess, I wish there were just more hours in the day... Damn Earth, why couldn't you just revolve a little bit slower?

So, when the weekends get here it is often full of things we have planned to do during the week, but never found time to do because we were so busy. Weekends are usually full of parties, weddings, family get togethers, writing papers, etc...

But, thankfully, this weekend, we are free to do whatever we want... I miss the days when Laura and I would stay home, and just play video games all day... yes, I have a wife that will play video games... and honestly sometimes a LOT better than me. I hope I can sit around with Mauldin and have some quality hand-eye coordination with him... of course we will go out doors and do things too! Catch! Okay, lets go back and finish that level! HAHAHA

Laura and I get so intranced in our games we actually have "no shower" days! I know she will probably say...
"Eric! I can't believe you put that in your blog!"
Really tho, spray on some cologne and apply some deoderant (antipersperiant) and you are good to go for another... say... 6-8 hours! Depending on your activities, of course.

I'm sure there are A LOT of people who have no shower days... (I know of plenty, although, I won't name names... )sometimes consecutive and I doubt they are going to criticize... although, I will say, after a day... a shower and shampoo are a must!

Now it is not like we play "World of Warcraft" like they do on south park, but our video game days do sort of go long... how long? Sometimes we start at 10am and don't finish until... okay we sound really dorky don't we? Alright, I hope you all enjoy your weekend!!!

Have fun while it lasts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1sttimedad said...

Congrats on becoming a first-time parent. My wife and I had a daughter on July 3, 2007, and man, it's awesome.

And if you think you have great blog fodder now, just wait! I've just started mine, but there's an endless supply of great material.

I'm a first time visitor, but I'll be back I'm sure!

jeskates said...

Thanks, what is the name of your blog???

1sttimedad said...

It's 'Wrapped around her finger' and you can click through my username to find it or go to

I'm a journalist who no longer gets to write (I'm an editor) so I'm having a lot of fun being creative again!

1sttimedad said...

Oh, I just realized you can't click through the username so you'll have to use

Anonymous said...

Hope you did exactly that, which is absolutely nothing! Have a good night! :-)

Anonymous said...

Everett cant wait to go see the lights in a few weeks. He wanted to go yesterday when you called. That should take up another weekend. Yall really are busy.
At least you still have time for yourselves you wont in a few months. Take atvantage now.