Friday, October 2, 2009

Say Da-da, please!

My son likes to crawl and roll... he is very mobile and can move from one side of the room to another in under 60 seconds. Hey, he is six months old and to someone who has never had a child before - this is pretty darn impressive.

However impressed I am I have to admit I am slightly saddened that my child doesn't or hasn't said "dada" or "ma ma" yet.

"Mauldin, saaaaay da-da!"


Yes, if you can pronounce that, that is what our offspring can "say." My wife, Laura, and I think he knows how to say it because he produces a coy smile after we ask him to say our names. I guess he will say it when we are having a bad day and it will make "Mama and Dada" feel all better!

Halloween is upon us and so we took last weekend, after coming home from Disney World, to get the house in order for this epic and spooky holiday. Skeletons have been put up, door mats have been placed and soon pumpkins of all shapes and sizes will litter the Skates household.

We have a couple of choices for Mauldin for his first official Halloween: Winne-the-Pooh and a not-so-scaley dragon. I'm sure we will put him in one and the other will serve as a back up for when he spits up, wets or excuse the pun, POO's...

So, maybe between now and Halloween we can get him to say some sort of verse that will match "Trick or Treat!" Although, I would be equally as happy to hear - "Da da!"

For now, "Pbbsssthhhhht" it is! Maybe it's his form of Aloha...


Eric said...

My kids have always said DaDa first. My son just started saying Momma earlier this year (He's going to be 2 this month). He just called his mother Dada as well.

Our baby can say both. Which makes my wife happy. But I noticed that the baby says Dada when she's happy to see me.. And Mama when she's hungry..

Go with the dragon.. Then set stuff to make it look like she's destroying Tokyo..

Laura said...

Both of those costumes are adorable! Tough choice as to which to wear first. Our little one said mama first but then once she figured out how to say dada it was months before she dared to utter mama again, much to my disapointment! :)

DCUrbanDad said...

Go dragon.

Emma is gonna be a dragon this year. She freaks out every time she sees the costume. Then when she puts it on she growls and tries to breathe fire.

James (SeattleDad) said...

I'd go with the Godzilla costume. Scare all the kids in Gorilla suits.

Both look cute though. And Lukas said 'Dada' way before Mamma. Evey kid hits is in his own time.

Surfer Jay said...

DId you know a new Pooh book is coming out tomorrow? It's an official thrid book in the pooh series. Of ocurse, Milne is dead, so it is by a different auther, but it should be good.

CK Lunchbox said...

He looks like a Pooh Bear, but the Dragon is pretty sharp too.

Just wait till he can run and takes off as soon as you walk into a Target.

And that first word? I think he's having fun messing with you.

(sorry it's taken me so long to get over here.)