Monday, November 30, 2009

Are you the Gate Keeper?

Or the Key Master?

Okay, I couldn't resist...

It is my own fault, I know this, I provked and actually led to it.
What am I talking about, you ask?

Our son can climb the stairs... I do not just mean he can get his leg up on one step... ut uh... the boy can scale the whole stair case on his own. We, of course, stay behind for support just in case he were to miss a "step," but our little man rocks. If we aren't careful he may be rock climbing soon... or maybe splunking!

I, for about a month, have been practicing with MJ showing and helping him make it up the stairs... who knew he could catch on so quick!?

Walking? Nawh, he hasn't got the grasp on that yet... he tends to stand on his tip-toes. Not sure when this goes out of style for babies, but lets all hope soon.

We have started the more hardcore baby proofing... I mean we first put out all the plug-in covers and the padded gummy covers on the fireplace, we have taken things out of reach, but I have put off putting up the dredded "GATE."

So, this weekend, Sunday to be exact, will be the dredded day where our home becomes more structured and confined...

Don't get me wrong, I know we need a gate, I expected the gate... but I wasn't sure I, uhhmm he was ready for it until we caught him acting like he was from the Jefferson's... "Movin' on up!"

Although, in place of the deluxe apartment is the upstairs landing... which at the moment house a couple of large holiday nutcrackers.

I'll keep ya posted on the installation of said "gates!"


Nicole said...

Oooh thats a scary step (no pun intended)but to tell you the truth, I dont remember any of them ever falling down them. I think I fell more when I was carrying them than they did on their own! Good luck with that, it's like an addiction, thats ALL they want to do once it has been mastered :)

Surfer Jay said...

Yeah I don't blame you, gates suck....but of course they are great too. I put off mine also, but it comes down to weighing out how often you want to get up and down to remove your boy from the stairs, or having to open the gate everytime you go up. Odlly enough, it took me quite a while to do it.

Bolton said...

When my oldest daughter rolled over for the first time. She rolled right over to the outlet and put her hand up to it. That was also the day we bought the covers.

We have the thingamabobs on the kitchen cabinets to prevent the kids from playing under the sink and getting pots everywhere. That's only the second line of defense because we have a gate to the kitchen.

My kids love to play in the trash and find cherrios on the floor.

The same girl that rolled to the outlet can now choose to scale the gate if she wants too. It's fallen down on her a few times while doing so. She doesn't do it if she doesn't need too.

We also have the door knob covers on startegic doors. Front door. Bathroom door, other door to kitchen, and big brother's room

The knobs are great are also grandparent proof too.

but you know. the more they climb the steps, the better they'll get.

and if they fall... That'll teach 'em..


Tami said...

What kind of gate to you have? Ours isn't a big deal. It is easy to swing open, rather than YOU having to step over it or take it down just to get up the steps. I love it! And you only have to have one hand free to open and close our gate. No biggie!

Mauldin is getting to be such a big boy, though! He is so adorable!

DCUrbanDad said...

Shit is gonna happen. The Mini-Kamp has rolled off the couch, off the bed, off the stairs, has slammed her fingers in doors, shocked herself and run into walls.

We went all out and had a baby-proofing company come in. Best money ever spent.

Chris | Clever Father said...

My wife has been running a dayhome for the past 5 years so I've had plenty of time to get used to gates. The inconvenience is well worth the peace of mind.

Next thing you know he'll figure out how to open or climb over the gate!

Jennie said...

Gates aren't so bad...because our dog doesn't have run of the house we've had baby gates as long as we have had her. We use them now to confine her to the areas she's allowed in. Once Kaity starts walking we'll have to install gates on the stairs as well. Just remember the one at the bottom can be tension mounted, but you have to use hardware on the one at the top of the stairs.

Keith Wilcox said...

Our firstborn was a bit of a climber also. We had a loft apartment where he kept trying to climb the ladder up the the sleeping quarters. Needless to say that we had to watch him all the time (can't put a gate around a ladder). We moved just a few months later, but I can totally see why having a baby requires a completely different perspective on life :-)