Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Where has the time gone?

Our little boy is growing up at an accelerated rate, so it seems.
“Mauldin no!” I say… constantly.

Where has the time gone? I feel like someone has taken a remote and pushed fast forward.

“Mauldin, what did we say?” I continue as he stops in his tracks on his way to the dog bed… as soon as I look away he turns his little butt around and heads right back to his previous direction of naughtiness. Our son has a weird fascination with our pets... he loves them. As soon as he heads their way our little Westie, Andy, runs in fear of being pummelled by a 18lb 10 month old!

I feel as if every day he accomplishes something new. Thankfully I have been around to see each one surface. I was there when Mauldin said “Da-da” as his first word, which I might add is one of the only things he says with a repeating vengeance.

“Mauldin,” I repeat and head over to pick him up and replace him away from the dog bowls full of water. “I said no to the dog bowls.” He loves getting into their bowls. I came home today and my wife informed me...

"Go say hello to your son and don't even ask me why he is wet!"

"What?" I retorted.

"I looked away for a second and he was "in" Andy's bowl," Laura explained.

The kid can officially climb the stairs with no assistance, he is cruising like nobody’s business, the child is eating solid foods and feeding himself, holding his bottle on his own and clapping! The boy claps, patty cake is a fun game he likes to play.

Not only is Mauldin about to have a birthday, his first birthday mind you, but we will soon be another plus one to the Skates family unit.
We are now coming up on the 20 week mark for our little girl… Elle will be here before we know it and we are so unprepared. It seems as if with Mauldin we had tons of diapers, wipes, clothes, etc… we have a couple of bags of clothes for our little princess, but her nursery is still a guest room, no bedding has been purchased, what is going on? We are usually so far ahead, we are planners, this is so out of our character, but the urgency just isn’t … I don’t know, around as much as it was the first time. We are so much more laid back with this pregnancy!

I guess the freakout with happen after we come home with our shiny, brand new, bouncing baby girl.

It still hasn’t totally hit me yet. I assume when it does you may find me on the floor.

Happy Groundhog Day, everyone.

"Mauldin what did I say about the dog beds?"


Laura said...

I will be on the floor right beside you! It will definately be interesting when we are moving in opposite directions: one of us chasing after Mauldin and the other running after Elle. We won't need to exercise. The kids will be plenty.

Keith Wilcox said...

My two boys are 17 months apart so not quite as close as yours. But, I remember us being totally unprepared for the second one. Oh, we knew what we were supposed to do, we just didn't do it until the last second. :-) Something about the second child must cause this with parents. LOL

The Father of Five said...

You guys will do JUST FINE!

Mauldin looks like such a happy little boy!! That speaks VOLUMES about his parents, and their skills!

The reason you are not as "prepaired" as you were prior to Mauldin's arrival??

You are more relaxed! You are experienced parents now.

Nicole said...

Nice to see you again! Yup, time really flies after you have kids. It's really scary! My oldest will be 10 yrs old next week and I'm still in shock.

He is getting so big and cute. Dont worry, you still have plenty of time for the nursery. It will get done!

Jennifer Atwater said...

The difference is you have a little one to watch over this time rather than just one to anticipate. You will have everything done by the time Elle is here, no doubt about that!

Dad Stuff said...

I just found your blog. You have a handsome son and the time does fly by.
Don't worry about being prepared for the second child. You already know how to raise one child. The second one will be easy since they are always the same as the first and will never throw you a curve ball by acting completely different from their older siblings. Just ask Father of Five.

Anonymous said...

Mauldin would LOVE my boys. We have tattoos all over the place--in every nook and corner. I buy rubbing alcohol by the gross so I can get off the remnants of week old tatts.
Oh and dog bowls...ugh! I don't know how many gallons of water I've cleaned up...