Monday, January 26, 2009

The Big Brown Chair

It has become quite apparent that Laura’s pregnancy clock is winding down. At first it took forever for her to start showing and now we can’t go anywhere without someone asking…

“when are you due?” or “do you know what are you having?”

I sometimes like to joke around with the person who asks the question by saying…

In a hushed, but obviously sarcastic tone… “shhh… she already had the baby” or “no, we aren’t pregnant, she’s just gained a little weight over the holidays!”

Their faces are priceless and they are not sure how to react to this and then an overwhelming sense of reassurance fills their eyes as they quickly figure out that I was joking. (I mean, would I really say that about my wife? Comon! "Where's your brain!?)

I am certainly shocked at how fast it all has gone and it has basically been a “blink-or-you-might-miss-it” nine months. One aspect of the pregnancy that went by really fast was when we ordered our “baby chair” or “glider.” My wife, Laura, wanted one really bad, so, of course, in the “she gets whatever she wants” fashion we ordered her a special chair. It is a very, oh so very comfortable and squishy brown chair. Although, of course, it isn’t exclusively “her” chair… we are all welcome to use it :)

On this past Sunday afternoon, the wind was minimal, but a chill was still in the air. Laura, our friend Amanda, and myself had just left Target and headed on to the "Comfortable Chair" store to pick up our brand new glider for Mauldin’s room. Upon walking to the store we could see a lot of activity inside, through the windows, which had big signs splattered all over such as: “SALE!” & “CLEARANCE!”

We walk into the store and it was hopping! There are more people in the store, on this day, than we have ever seen before, and we knew that was different because we had been four times prior (we like to research almost every purchase we make). There is only one guy working this day... he is one of the owners...

“How is he just gonna leave all those people unattended in the store?” Questioned Amanda. We knew he was gonna have to help us carry this chair out, so is he just gonna leave all these potential customers?

“I am not sure,” I said. “Usually his wife is there! But, I don’t think someone will just pick up one of those chairs and run out the door…”

“You never know…” said Laura.

We walk in and approach the store owner in the back of the store. He was tall, thin, dark haired and looked about in his late fifties. He was casually sitting at his desk, with a computer and a myriad of papers strode all over the cherry finished desk. The desk was probably a good five years old, it was already chipping on the corners and you could see a couple of scratches on the sides.

“Hi!” said Laura. “We are here to pick up our gilder, you called and said it was ready.”

“Okay. Name?” said the man behind the desk.

“Skates,” I and Laura said simultaneously.

“If you will drive around back,” said the man, with a monotone voice. “I will help you load it into your car.”

We left the store and strolled to Laura’s SUV and drove around to the back of the store where we saw a couple of old, rusted truck trailers.

“Is that where our chair is?” said Laura with a disgusted look on her face.

“I believe so,” I said.

“Where am I supposed to park!?!?” Laura said in a hurried voice.

“Right here.” I said “Look, there he is, stop!”

“I am.” Said Laura, in a tone at which I have heard many times when I know she is annoyed.

I got out of the car to see him unlocking the trailer like it was his locker in high school, very carefully, as not to let anyone see his combination.

I walk into the trailer, with him, which smelled like combination of new upholstery, wet mildew and rust. He picked up a box first and headed towards our car.

“This is your ottoman.” said the man.

“Thanks!” I quickly retorted.

He then went back into the trailer to get our chair. Our chair, this is the first time we will finally see it! We have only seen a chair like it in the store. We had picked out a different color because the green one they had on the floor wouldn’t work in our nursery. This chair, a beautiful, brown, plushy piece of magnificent furniture for our little man-child is finally being unveiled. It was wrapped loosely with plastic wrap which looked like it was ready to be cooked in a huge microwave.

“It isn’t really heavy” said the man, while he was straining to put it in the SUV. “ I’m sure a strapping, young man like yourself won’t have a problem getting it in your house.”

“No, I think I can handle it.” I said with a hint of hope in my voice.

“There we go!” I said. “We finally have another piece to add to Mauldin’s nursery.”

“Yep!” said Laura with excitement.

“I just can’t wait till Mauldin gets here,” said Amanda. “I wanna see him!”

“So do we!” Laura and I said “in-stereo!”

With one big brown chair added to our home caused both euphoria and then stress when we figured out we would have to re-arrange almost everything in the room. Not to mention, the chair was a pain to get through the door way! We almost had to take it off the hinges!

After getting the chair in the room we realized…uh oh, it doesn’t fit in the corner we had previously wanted it to go. So, we ended up having to change positions of a couple of pictures on the wall, and we had to move the crib and the changing table too! All in all, everything worked out for the best! Although, we are still confused about how we can add more furniture to the room and make the room look BIGGER!

Also, let me add… the roach we found in the box the ottoman came in wasn’t a welcome surprise either.

But, let me say, our weekend wasn’t short of entertainment… well atleast for us :)


Anonymous said...

The chair and ottoman look so comfy! Good story - but of more interest to me is that belly-shot picture. That has to be baby Mauldin's foot - right? How awesomely cool is THAT!!! Or is this some kinda camera joke. LOL! Billie

CK Lunchbox said...

ya, the baby foot pic was cool! The roach - not so much. Hate those buggers.

Just wait till the 'nesting' phase. Whatever you've done with the baby room will change about week before the joyous day.

iVegasFamily said...

That does look like a comfy chair. You'll need it for those middle of the night feeding and burping sessions. Just remember to cover with a towel before burping as spit up is not too nice on brand new, plush brown chairs.

Anonymous said...

You're so mean to tell people she's not preggers! :-P

That chair looks awesome! I can't wait to see it in person!

Captain Dumbass said...

My boys think roaches are cool because of Wall-E. Daddy is happy that we live too far north for roaches.

James said...

Great anticipation. Glad the chair worked out for you. Getting down to it for you guys now. good luck with everything in the time you have left.

1sttimedad said...

The chair will definitely come in handy for those middle of the night hand-offs from Mom. Just try not to fall asleep while the baby's still awake!

Anonymous said...

Ah, the glider. Yep, it's an essential. Ours is still in MLE's room, but I can't wait for the day when I can move it out to somewhere Like, maybe in front of the flatscreen!

I'm gonna be like Al Bundy, all kicked back in my chair with my hand down the front of my pants!

DC Urban Dad said...

Sometimes ya gotta have a little fun with people. "It's not mine" works well too. But not around here. If she hears, oh crap!

I could use that chair right now. I am exhausted.

About the book said...

Just wait until your kid starts putting the roaches in his mouth! Actually, turns out that's not such a bad thing (