Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The search is on...

The search is on…

For what, you ask?

Child care, of course! We would, certainly, love to have a personal Mary Poppins, but now-a-days… we really cannot afford that. We certainly want what is best for our little man-child so we decided we would start the interviewing process to weed out the ones we like and the one’s we’d like to see fly off on their broom sticks.

We did have a potential lead, but sadly, for that Mary Poppins, the wind changed directions and we are unable to secure a spot. Thus, the pre-aforementioned “search.”

After Laura’s maternity leave, she will have the summer to spend with “the baby” (Laura’s trade is a kick-ass teacher) and not be going back to work, full-time, until the fall. With that said, we need to find someone who will not charge us for the summer months when Laura is out for break.

We decided we’d be pro-active and start looking for potential care for Mauldin. I mean someone has to watch him while “mom and dad” are at work. We certainly can’t ask our parents to drive an hour every day to watch his little booty.

Our main goal is to find an “in-home” facility and not commercial day care. Why? It’s our personal choice.

My wife, Laura, is the smartest woman I know. She went to the state website and did a search for “at-home” day cares in the local area. Low and behold the first one we called she sounded “practically perfect in every way.” Although, just because she sounds great on paper, we need to meet her to make sure she holds up to our expectations.

I figured we needed to do this systematically and so what did we do…?

Busted out the manila folders, of course. We printed off each applicant and wrote all the supplied information they gave us and the ones that did not pass the phone interview got a BIG BLACK “X” on their page. Laura, I am sure, felt like Miranda Hillard from “Mrs. Doubtfire” when she was talking to some of these ladies.

Some were so loud it reminded me of the scene from the movie:

“Laylaaaa! Get back in your cage before I have to get the hose!”

So, at the moment we have two potential choices and luckily our “practically perfect” choice takes deposits to hold a space for our little bugger… We hope to meet this nice lady, to confirm she is a nice lady, this weekend.

Wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

Wow! You two are really on the ball. I do hope the one you are thinking is practically perfect turns out to be. Daycare has to be very difficult. I was very lucky never to have to worry about that but these days that is practically an impossibility. I know I am so glad I am able to watch Melissa's 4 babies so they don't have to go to a stranger or some commerical daycare where there are always sick kids, even tho they aren't supposed to be at daycare if they are sick - they get sick there and then go home. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you and wish you tons of good luck in your search. We want baby Skates to have the best person possible, other than Mommy, Daddy, grandparents and other loving relatives, watching over him. :)

Anonymous said...

oops - forgot to sign my name to that one - Billie

Anonymous said...

good luck I hope it works out. See ya this weekend

Anonymous said...

Wow! You're right on top of that, Rose. (From Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead).

Andrea said...

E- There are a lot of great people out there, I am sure you will find one that suits your needs and schedules. On another note, that BIOTCH Deana, from The Bachelor, can suck it! I was so mad last night when I saw her. YUCK!

NukeDad said...

Sounds like you guys got it under control. We were lucky enough to find the right people when we needed them (back in the day) and you are correct to do all of the research. You'll have to kiss a few frogs before you find your Prince(ss).

Liz said...

GOOD LUCK!!! I am sure you will find someone wonderful. If not, I'll quit and be his personal nanny!! hahah jk jk whatever happened to jeana, cathy's nanny??

Cess said...

I like the fact that yawl chose for a "in-home" facility instead of commercial day care. I think that's a bit more personal that the commercial day cares.

Here in the Netherlands, there aren't many "in-home" facilities and you have to register ± a year to 1½ year in advance if you want a spot at a commercial day care. It's sad but that's the way it is. My sister has a hard time, but after much searching she found a wonderful "in-home" facility just around the corner of their new home.

From talks with my sister, I know how much work it can be to find the perfect "in-home" facility so I hope that one of the two potential choices pan out. GOOD LUCK! … But knowing Laura, it will all be all right :-)

DC Urban Dad said...

We found 2 Mary Poppins. The first one got pregnant and has since left us. The 2nd one rocks. We do a share with a couple with a 6 month old. So far so good.

We weighed the day care choice, but everyone we went to look like a concentration camp for babies. When they were mobile and good fend for themselves it got better.

Good luck

James Austin said...

Hope it all works out for you.