Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Out-of-my mind

Vacations are an important necessity… I have discovered. It has really started to effect my wife and I that we have not been out-of-town for a while. The last time, that I can actually recall, that we were gone on a true “vacation,” was probably, oh dear Lord, I cannot even remember! I think it was before Christmas, sometime in November, before even Thanksgiving… September maybe? Don't people in Europe go on "holiday" for like, months?

Lately, where ever I go I am reminded of places I am not. My very computer background mocks me with its sandy beach and shartuse, blue-green, gorgeous water. I imagine the waves lightly crashing on the shore and the sky as blue as can be. It allures and disgusts me at the same time. My very being wants to be in a warmer climate and is ill, no, just plain sick of all the cold weather. Hotlanta, my ass.

Mauldin will actually be six-months old before Laura and I will be able to set our sights on our true vacation. We will be heading to none-other than Walt Disney World. Yes, I don’t even wanna hear it, we will be accessing one of the most populated amusement parks resorts in the world with a six-month old in tow. It seems everywhere I go I am seeing ads for WDW. I am receiving emails, I see TV commercials making me want to make an impromptu trip to the inner Orlando area… did you know they are offering three nights free when you book a four-night trip between now and August? Blimey! Although, that is sooooo not gonna happen for us.

The other day I stumbled upon my friend Jim’s blog: Busy Dad. He took his little son Fury, and some other munchkins, to the Happiest Place on Earth. Impressive man. Then we had a shower this past weekend and I discovered that my wife, Laura’s, cousins are heading there in a couple o’ weeks! It took everything within me to not cry. (*tear.)

This coming September, Mauldin, my wife and my wife’s family and I will be trekking down to the home of Mickey Mouse, Brer Rabbit and Space Mountain for a week of well-mannered and joyous frivolity! Our Grand Gathering, if you will. So, are we out-of-our-minds to take a six-month old baby? Maybe so, but Laura and I made this decision together. We could not even fathom going off to Disney without our son. It is our choice to do so and I am actually pretty darn excited about making all new memories with my little family.

When I was younger, about eight years ago to be exact, I would go on vacations probably every three months. I had the money to do so then because I was still living with my mom and dad and had no other aspirations at the time. My frivolous nature was sparked by the very reason of I had no true responsibilities. No wife, no pets, no job I really liked and, more importantly, no baby on the way. At one time, I think, no, I know, but I didn’t want to divulge this information, I went to Disney World five times in one year, ok two years (2000 and 2002). Sad, yes I know, but I had the means to do so and I loved it! There were times I went for a weekend and other times I drove down to spend a day in the park and then drove home. I would love to have that kind of stamina now… Don't get me wrong... I would never go back though because my life couldn't be any better, well... mostly because I love my wife. I couldn't dream of a better life without her in it. (Cue sensitive music) Life is good, but it can always get better, (or worse), however, if we had a little more money, a little more time off... ok I digress.

So back to the real world, the grind and the true reality of knowing I have a while to look forward to a day at the beach, by the pool or even moments with my wife in a hot tub. But, when I do get that chance it will make that time even sweeter… C'est la vie, eh?


iVegasFamily said...

We used to be quite the jet setters before kids. I remember before our two-year-old was born we used to fly to San Francisco almost every Saturday to get out of the desert heat. Now, not so much. It's hard to travel with one or two kids in tow. Although we still try to do it. Z-Dub took his first trip on an airplane when he was eight weeks old. We went to Charleston, SC. Since then he's been on more flights than most adults. But it's not as frequent as we'd like it to be.

BTW...we're off to Disneyland in SoCal next month for Z-Dubs third birthday. We also did the Disney Cruise out of Canaveral when HotMomma was 24 weeks pregnant with him. That was fun.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Eric! I can remember when you used to go to WDW about every other month- I hated you with envy then - now you're living MY life. LOL! No - you are NOT crazy for taking your baby to WDW in September - you would be crazy not to. You and Laura love Disney - it's only right that your baby is brought up to love Disney also. He won't remember it but you'll have the pix and the video footage to show him later just like we do now with Melissa's kids. They love to look back at when they were little and at WDW and we love to look back at the memories, too. Your trip/vacation will be here before you know it so hang in there - you've got alot going on the next few months to make time fly. Billie

BusyDad said...

6 months is ok I think. You can keep them immobile in a stroller. Just skip the age 2-5. That's when you have to keep them on a leash and also occupy them for 45 agonizing minutes as you wait for each ride. No one should ever have to endure that kind of hell.

Liz said...

ok...since i have no responsibilities right now other than this job.... you have driven me to start planning a summer vacation. ya... and a trip to athens over a weekend, and maybe a trip to savannah for st patricks day... why not? lol

Anonymous said...

I have not been to Disneyland since I was in the 8th grade. Thanks for the heads up on the deal! Maybe we can go for my 30 birthday!

Anonymous said...

Aww... Don't worry, September will be here before you know it. maybe try a quick weekend getaway to Tennessee or Florida or something!

Laura said...

I can't wait for September to get here. I know he won't remember anything, but it just wouldn't be right for our child to not go to Disney in his first year of life.

Andrea said...

Off the subject, what do you think the BIG deal is going to be on the Bachelor? These last two weeks of drama are killing me! And,totally do whatever you want with Mauldin, if you guys want to go to Mars, do it, he flies free til he turns two, take advantage of it!

Anonymous said...

I don't think you're crazy at all for taking your little man at six months of age. Us, though, contemplating taking a 15 month old and a three year old? Now THAT'S crazy! We would be heading off to Disneyland this year if it wasn't for the 14 hour flights there and back!

I'm driving my DH crazy in my longing for a holiday, I haven't been to Disney in over two years!!!

Anonymous said...

OOOOOOO you poor little thing. I remember the days when I washed your clothes so mom would not know you went to the beach, with out me. I had to be responsible and keep the dog and work like real people.

Anonymous said...

No craziness there, Eric - Mauldin deserves to be brought up properly - with Disney in his blood. :)

Raging Dad said...

I, Sadly have never been to Disney. My 'rents never took me as a kid, and we just haven't made it happen with our kids yet. I am jealous! Remember, you can still occasionally get freaky and wild when you have one kid. It's once you have a whole posse that your life really comes to an end. Yeah, yeah, they're great, loves of my life, source of everything beautiful and all that stuff. Life is different with kids. Not worse. Better, but not without its downsides. Just get your psych eval early and go into the birth with a good therapist in the wings!

Eric said...

@iVegas-sounds like you have some fun in your family!

@Billie- I had to grow up huh?

@Jim- One day.. one day.

@Liz- go for it!

@Margaret- 30- ahhhh!

@Terri- maybe...

@Laura- It will be one trip to remember!

@Andrea- Andrea, I have already booked us on a trip to Mars in 2012! jk

@Melly- You guys will have fun when you all go to Disney as a family!

@Mandy- Thanks for putting up with me...

@Sharon- True

@Raging- Man! Thanks for that. There is truth there... yes, there is.