Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Practically Perfect in Every Way!"

"Practically Perfect in Every Way!"

That is how I would describe the situation we are in right now with child care. We received word yesterday that Mauldin officially has a spot at an in-home child care facility.

We have found our “Mary Poppins!” Her name is Gloria and she already keeps our beautiful niece, Annagrace and my wife’s little and rambunctious cousin, Grant. She is everything we want in a caregiver and because she keeps the children at her home he is less likely to contract sickness from other little wicked chilrun’s… (no-offense to those who use commerical care, it is just not the path we chose to take.) Although, I am sure he won’t be immune to disease, but just less likely to be sick ALL the time. Please Mauldin, don’t be allergic to everything! Gloria currently keeps six children and most of which are boys. I have seen her in action and have no doubt in my mind Mauldin will be in the best care possible. (That is other than his parents ;) )If it were where we could, my wife, Laura, would stay home and keep him, but since we are not in that position we are glad he can be somewhere with other kids so he can mesh into society with no problems! LOL! Gloria’s will be a way for him to begin to make friends and learn how to be “nice” and “share,” that is while he is away from us and until he enters school. By which, I hope he has learned to be “nice” and “share” before that time!

We could of sent out an advertisement or as they say in England “Ad-vert-TIS-ment”… and I guarantee she would of flown in with her umbrella in hand!

It would probably of sounded something to the effect of:

Wanted a nanny for one adorable baby…

If you want this choice position
Have a cheery disposition
Rosy cheeks, no warts!
Play games, all sorts

You must be kind, you must be witty
Very sweet and fairly pretty
Take him on outings, give him treats
Sing songs, be sweet

Never be cross or cruel
Never give him castor oil or gruel
Love him as a son; not a daughter
And never smell of barley water

If you won't scold and dominate him
He will never give you cause to beat him
He won't hide your spectacles
Because he can’t walk
Put toads in your bed
Or pepper in your tea

Hurry, Nanny!

Many thanks...


Laura and Eric Skates.

Thank you Gloria! We are really glad to have you!


Jenn, Beau and Raleigh Batchelor said...

Mary Poppins is one of my favorite movies! I sing that song to Raleigh all the time. I'm so glad that you found someone. It's one of the most stressful things about kiddos. And it's a great thing when you find a good one. I love mine!

Laura said...

I love the "Ad-ver-tis-ment!" Who knew how well our name would have fit. I'm so glad that our "Mary Poppins" came through. We can now relax knowing that Mauldin will be in such good hands next year. :)

tami said...

YAY! Finding good childcare is such a huge relief! If we didn't have the Brenau Childcare, I would have wanted an in-home place, too. Caleb does get sick a lot, but the doctor told us it was a good thing so he won't miss kindergarten too often. But, you are right....NOOOO ALLERGIES for mauldin. Allergies suck!!!

Anonymous said...

That's great. Daycare, in addition to being a drain on the wallet, is definitely a germ factory.

I'm sure you're both relieved to have this nailed down!

Anonymous said...

Good for you guys! Nice to know you are ahead of the daycare game. I'm sure your Mary Poppins will love your Mauldin and visa versa. It's nice, too, that he'll be with others from his family. They'll all be great pals. Billie

iVegasFamily said...

That's great that you have an opportunity for in-home childcare. We didn't, but we managed our schedules to allow us to avoid daycare until Z-Dub was nine months old. And, of course, he was sick all the time once he was enrolled. It sucked.

Anonymous said...

I totally want to watch Mary Poppins right now! I'm so glad you found a nanny. That would be brilliant if she had a British accent!

Anonymous said...

that is great

Laura said...

Congrats and great news. Can you ask your Mary Poppins how she gets her umbrella to fit in her small purse? Just a spoonful of sugar.....

Eric said...

@Jenn- Yes, it was so great when we found out we, in fact, did have a spot! She's so great!

@Laura- Relaxation can commence.

@Tami- Allergies are bad. Poor lil Caleb.

@Chris- Drain is right. But, I'd rather spend the money on this lady than at a germ factory!

@Billie- We are very excited he will be with family too!

@iVegas- Germs are bad. U were lucky the way things worked out for u.

@Terri- Maybe she will serve them afternoon tea!

@Mandy- Thanks

@Laura- I'll ask her about it next time I see her.