Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Couple of Mopes

Our dogs are Grumpy…

Sad or grumpy would actually be understatements. They are gloomy, cheerless, poignant, distressed, if you will…

Pick one of the aforementioned adjectives and they could both take the place of “Grumpy” from Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs!

Logan, our hyper and always energetic Beagle, seems so melancholy… and Andy, our hyper-sensitive West Highland Terrier doesn’t know what to think. Andy just follows suit with whatever Logan, the Matriarch, does. They are a couple of mopes these days. We are not exactly sure, but we think they aren’t receptive to change. Logan basically shunned us for two days when we brought Andy home for the first time. Finally, she warmed up to him and now they are inseparable!

The other day, as Laura was casually lounging on the couch; Logan woefully hopped up onto Laura’s lap and just sat there like she was a breed that is about 20lbs less than she actually is!

Her expression was that of, “can’t you see how sad I am? Haven’t you noticed? What do I have to do to show you? I mean I can’t talk, so here… this is my SOS to you… Heed my notice master. I am sad.”

She stayed perched upon Laura’s lap even while we roared with laughter. It is on a very rare occasion that we allow our pups on the furniture and this was not one of those instances.

It was so out-of-the blue that we did not know how to react! It is absolutely shocking how protective and concerned our dogs have become in the past few months. They both follow Laura around as if they are waiting for her to collapse, or even, gasp, for her water to break! I certainly would not know what they would do, besides try and lick it up, if that were to happen!

How is it dogs are so aware of what is going on during pregnancy? I mean I know we have some super-intelligent K-9’s, but seriously? Do they know what is about to happen? Do they understand what we talk about when we discuss bringin Mauldin home? What if they think Mauldin is another dog? LOL!

Well, it will certainly be interesting to observe how they react when we finally bring Mauldin home… (that is, if he ever is BORN!)


Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

Oh, he will be born, even if they have to pull him our kicking and screaming! lol.

Dogs are really perceptive. I hope they react well to the new addition!

Anonymous said...

Those two little pups are gonna love that baby and that baby is gonna love them. It's gonna be fun to watch. I always worried about the baby's toys and pacifier, etc.....didn't want my doggie to get it's mouth on any of it and I found that he was very good about not touching any of them. I hope you have the same luck that I did in that department. I have to admit - I cringed when I read about the dogs licking up the amniotic fluid. ICK! LOL!

Laura said...

They have definately not been themselves recently. I think that as soon as we hit the door with Mauldin, Logan will take on the role of protective Mommy and Andy will remain...well...Andy will remain the same. Perfectly unaware of any changes, following Logan around saying, "What we doing now Sis...What we doing now."

iVegasFamily said...

Patience dude. Mauldin is coming soon enough and sleep will be a thing of the past. You should be savoring these final days.

As for the dogs, our one dog kind of went through the same thing when HotMomma was pregnant with our first son. She was also a little hesitant about the little guy when we brought him home. Fortunately, very quickly they bonded and she became an enthusiastic protector of the baby.

Anonymous said...

Your puppies will be wonderful protectors of Mauldin when he arrives (which he will soon enough!). Don't forget to bring something smelling of Mauldin home from the hospital (a shirt, singlet or blanket) as soon as possible for the pups to sniff and get used to the scent. Also, Laura shouldn't walk into the house holding the baby if the dogs are in the house. She should be sans baby the first time she greets the puppies after having him. We did this with Ben and Bolts and they have been best friends ever since : )


Laura said...

great advice about bringing home something that smells of the baby and having mom walk in without the baby! we tell our clients that all the time at the animal hospital i work at. i did it when we brought evelyn home and it worked great! the dogs will really fall in love when the little one starts dropping food on the floor. :)

Captain Dumbass said...

Funny, our fish didn't react like that at all.

Anonymous said...

Folks usually freak out when they hear we have a (gasp!) Doberman and a Weimaraner in the house. But both of our dogs have been perfect with the kids...even with the babies. There will be the obligatory, "get too close to sniff" and I'm sure Laura's Mommy Hackles will raise up just a protective little bit. But soon enough, they dogs will come to realize the baby is just another member of the be ignored until it holds a treat in its tiny lil hand.

Eric said...

@Petra-So far they have been pretty receptive and protective!

@Anon- Well, our puppies will lick up anything!

@Laura- I love how Andy is so "tae tae in da win'!"

@iVegas- Dogs are so cool like that!

@Melly- We brought something home for them from the hospital and our pet nanny thought it was something they weren't supposed to have and took it from them! Well, we tried! LOL!

@Laura- read above comment :)

@CptDumbass- LOL

@Chris- Wow man, remind me to tell you if I plan to come and visit... no surprises at your house! LOL!