Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just say mommy!

Just say mommy…

Yesterday morning, upon waking up around 7:00 am (post DST), I strolled into my son’s dimly lit bedroom and saw him standing in his crib, his hair disheveled from burying his head in his bumper.

“Good mornin’ little man, did you sleep well?” I asked, as if I were expecting to receive an honest answer… I pause as I look at my little boy.

“Dada?” he says as he points at the pictures of us on his photo-memory board.

“Yes, there’s da-da…” I say. “And, there’s momma, and there’s Mauldin!”

He smiles a gummy-grin with a hint of two tiny teeth poking out of his bottom gum. "You wanna go see mommy?"

He points out the door, “Da!”

I look down and step over numerous books and colored blocks littering his bedroom floor… with Mauldin wrapped snuggly around my neck I head out the door.

As I round the corner to our room I see a light has been turned on and I hear water running…
I hear a voice and two large white doors open outward… it’s my wife!

“Good morning!” says Laura. She is wrapped in only a towel obviously ready for her morning shower.

“Did my little boy have a good night sleep?”

“Dadadadada,” replies Mauldin.

“Yes, he seems to be in good spirits despite..” I say, I reach over and grab a tissue from the box of Kleenex on our dresser.

“Here,” I say as I reach out to Laura.

“Despite his runny nose?” Laura said finishing my sentence.

“Yes, mommy, we have a runny nose.” I followed as I watched her wipe the nasty concoction of goo from our child’s nostrils.

Mauldin expressed his dislike by his face turning red and his sad pout.

We always try to occupy Mauldin with the art of distraction whenever he is upset…
“Mauldin, say mama!”

He looked at me with his sad eyes, filled with tears… one slowly moved down his cheek and he quickly responded with a coy little smile…


One day at a time...


Anonymous said...

Cute story.......one of these days he'll say mama! :)

Anonymous said...

He will say Mommy, and you will be so excited! Then in a year, you will be going Oh for a little quite and less talking. Mom

James (SeattleDad) said...

Lukas took the longest time to say mommy too. It was all about daddy for so long. It is just easier for some kids to say.

But when he did, it was a joyous time.

Great story Eric.

Chris @ Cleverfather said...

Little Miss seems to be the same way. She is all about saying 'dadadada' these days. Maybe its because her dad is just so amazing... hah

Keith Wilcox said...

My boys' first word was "Ice" and "Bird" respectively. Then came daddy and mama. I'm pretty sure daddy must be an easier sound than mama, but I'll take it anyway :-)

momto3cubs said...

I love your posts. (Takes me back to when my boys were that age.) Keep it up! You'll especially treasure these writings and photos a few years from now.