Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday's with M.J.

So here it is, Friday, yet again, and we are on the edge of the 4th of July weekend.

Next weekend will mark the beginnings of July... it is a very special weekend... my
mommy and daddy keep saying. I don't know why though... something about "it was the day when everything changed?" Or something like that, I dunno... anyway, where was I? Oh! Yes, where has my summer gone? Where has it gone, I ask?

mommy will not have much longer, with me at home, before she has to go back to work. Poo, poo on work. I poo on it, I say. Phewy!

Uncle Charles has come home now from California and I know cousin Drew is really excited about that. Welcome back Uncle Charles!

The weekends are always full of fun things for me to do with mom and
dad. This weekend is no different... I get to go to my cousin Grant's second birthday party on Saturday! Apparently, he too, is a huge Sesame Street fan! We have sort of bonded on our love of Elmo. Cousin Grant is a cool dude.

Mommy and Daddy have decided to go on what they call a "date night?" Not sure what this consists of, but they asked Nana to come stay with me on Saturday night. I think Papa might come too, but we'll see. I hear talk about seeing Robots... sounds like something I would enjoy watching. I do enjoy a good action flick, but cest la vie'. Let them have their fun... I will be busy enjoying my Disney Sing-a-long from the Animal Kingdom. Those kids act so silly, but it's my guilty pleasure.

Well, I hope everyone enjoys their upcoming weekend festivities! Don't do anything I wouldn't approve of!!!!



Surfer Jay said...

Yeah a date night seems to be in order. really, we talked about setting that up too. Sure we do things and get out, but with a baby now, I think it's important for we parentals to get away and do something fun.

Anonymous said...

Date night - great idea! I think I will add this to our schedule once the babies and born and Mr is actually at home!!

Hope u have a good weekend too little man :)

James (SeattleDad) said...

Having a nana around will make date night go much easier. That is until you get home and it kills the mood. lol.

The Fit Dad said...

Love date nights, but nothing kills the mood better than coming home after the wee one's bedtime and she's running around like a crazy person because nana and papa decided to let her stay up late - "it is Friday night after all." They say.

"yeah, well if you want anymore grand kids put her to bed on time damn you." I respond politely. Not really, but I thought it. Talking about makin' babies in front of my wife's parents still creeps me out.

Enjoy Transformers - I heard it's awesome.