Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer vacation in the fall?

Today, while my boss is out-of-town on her week-long vacation, I am reminded that I have yet to take a vacation of my own. I sit at my desk looking longingly into the background scene I have plastered across my computer screen. The water looks so cool and inviting. I can almost feel the warm breeze, the sun and the wave mist splashing in the distance. I am then rudely awakened by a ringing office phone.

I mean my wife, Laura, and I have been on a short, quickie trip to Chateau Elan, a much-needed overnight stay, for our one-year wedding anniversary, but that’s it! I need more, I need more…

That’s my summer, happy freakin’ summer!

No, seriously, we are going on vacation, don’t get me wrong, but not until, okay, wait for it…. September. That’s is so many months away!!! Many, many moons.

However, the Skates family will be making up for our lost time-off, this fall, trust this.

Labor Day weekend we will be going with my family to Panama City Beach, FL. Yes, you read me right, the “Red neck Riviera” here we come. This will be our annual “beach” trip with my mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law, nephew, Everett, and my nephew’s Nanu. We will only be there Friday to Monday, but it will be worth it just to have some time to slip my feet into the sandy beach and warm Gulf water.

Then it is back to work, for us, for about two weeks and then we are off to… wait for it… are you waiting for it or just reading on? Dammit, you spoiled the surprise. Anyway, Disney World! We have been planning this trip for what seems like forever, but it is finally winding down. It won’t be long until we will be in the presence of the Great Mouse, Mickey. (Cue angelic music from above.) We will be there for a whole glorious week of fun and well-mannered frivolity. Hopefully my niece will not run screaming in terror from Chip & Dale or Lilo & Stitch. She is a bit skittish with “plushies.” I have a feeling this was fostered and inherited from my sister-in-law, her mother, Laura’s sister, Jennifer. I heard word that she has never done well with things like this from theme parks.

We will be traveling to Disney and staying at the Wilderness Lodge. All of Laura’s, immediate, family will be in attendance. Of course, me, Laura and MJ; her mom, dad, older sister, brother-in-law and nephew, Drew; also her second oldest sister, brother-in-law and Annagrace, the aforementioned niece. I have only been to Disney World with a “group” of people once before and that was in high school when I went on a band trip, no band camp jokes please. Yes, I went to band camp. Moving on…

All I am saying is I am due for a nice vacation and sadly I won’t be able to enjoy time off during the true “summer,” but I will make up for it on the tale end. So my summer vacation will be in the Fall. Is that weird? Hope you all are having great fun summer vacations with your families.

Have you ever been to the beach with a six month old? What about Disney World?

Oh rest and relaxation, how I long for thee.


Laura said...

It will be here before we know it. I can't wait for Mauldin's first beach trip or Disney vacation. Wish we could get away for a weekend, but c'est la vie.

Anonymous said...

Hey- didn't you take a week or two off when Mauldin was born? I know - not exactly the vacation you are speaking of but a vacation from work and for such a special reason. I can't wait to see the pix you take of Mauldin at the beach and with ALL the characters! You're gonna have such a fun time making memories.

Jenn, Beau and Raleigh Batchelor said...

You went to band camp!?!?! Hahaha. Oh, band camp. So much fun.

James (SeattleDad) said...

A vacation is a vacation whenever you can manage it. Just hang on until then and enjoy!

Lady Mama said...

Sounds like fun. I can't wait to take our kids to Disney Land. No vacation for us this year unfortunately as the thought of going further than the end of the road with my 2 year old and 6 month old makes me want to crawl under the covers. Hopefully next year.

BellaDaddy said...

Found your blog via Dad-Blogs...very cool site...fun reads.


3 Bay B Chicks said...

This va-cay seems worth the wait. Holy moly! What fun!

Now your only challenge is surviving at work long enough to really enjoy it. :)


Anonymous said...

Ben spent a lot of time at the beach as an 8 month old and loved it. 12 months later he hated it! Enjoy both your trips with your little man.


Rob said...

Dunno about Disney World with a 6 month old, but we just tackled SeaWorld & the San Diego Zoo with a 3 year old and it was brutal! SeaWorld was by far the better, but neither had enough hands-on stuff to keep our very active little guy's interest.

He had much, much more fun at the beach and in the hotel pool!

Amanda Hayden said...

Hey! We just got back from Florida... my husband had to take a masters class down there.... anyways....We took Audrey to the beach (age 6 wks). I think she enjoyed it. The breeze and the sound of the waves splashing on shore were relaxing to her.... Needless to say she didn't do much besides sleep, but we did collect a few seashells from her first trip to the beach. =)