Monday, August 4, 2008

Dr. Scott!

No, I am not talking about Dr. Scott from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," but about the doctor we saw today at the Kennestone Hospital today in Marietta.

Yes, in the last post I had mentioned that our first doctor's appointment is not until August 13th, but when do things ever go as planned? Well, honestly, I didn't lie because we still have our appointment on August 13th, but now we are assured to have an ultrasound!! Cool huh?

Now you ask, "What were you guys doing at the doctor?" Well, that is kind of complicated, but lets just say it all started with Laura having a dream about flying in a spaceship and her tummy hurting... (NOTE: We watched "Revenge of the Sith" before we went to bed...) well, how does that lead to going to the doctor??? Maternal worries... :) No, seriously, she started having cramps, for real, during the early morning and so we felt the only way to procure our sanity was to call and try to make an appointment with the doctor just to make sure the baby was alright!

Yes, we worry, so shoot us!

Anyway, stay tuned for pictures of, as Mandy now so sweetly calls it, "Baby Skates!"


Anonymous said...

It's natural to worry. We all do. The best thing to do when that happens is exactly what you two did - call and get in to see the doctor so they can calm your fears. Sounds to me like it may have been her uterus expanding to make room for the foreign object in there better known as Baby Skates. (I love that temporary name for your little bambino!) Can't wait to see the pix next week. It'll really seem real for sure after you've had the ultrasound. Thanks for the update, Daddy and keep 'em comin'. Billie

Anonymous said...

Awww, I am so Happy for you both!!!!!! I am having tears in my eyes and it is amazing. You will be Great Parents and I wish you all the happiness that you can get!!!!!! HUGS!!!!!