Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Poop, don't pee!

Not a whole lot has transpired since my lastest blog entry, so basically that is why I haven’t posted until now.

I wanted to tell you all about what happened this past weekend on Saturday. Let me set the story up for you: My sister, Mandy and my hardworking-never-put-down-the-phone mom came down to Kennesaw for the day to do some shopping and we had agreed, on Friday, if they brought Everett we would be happy to watch him while they frolicked around the town buying this and that… Laura and I were certainly happy to oblige because Everett is a fun-loving little boy who is easy to take care of. This was the first day for me to take a little boy to the bathroom in a public place. Quite a fun run-through for what is about to come. We were in a store called “USA Baby,” which is basically a condensed and more personal version of Babies-R-Us. Laura and I were walking around looking at the various things we may want to register for and after looking at bottles, bibs, strollers & diaper bags Mandy asked Everett the dun-dun-dun question.

“Do you need to go potty?”

“No.” Everett replied with a coy smile.

“Why doesn’t uncle Eric take you to pee pee?”

Everett continues to smile and shake his head no, which means in child talk, “I do need to go but I don’t wanna go right now.”

I am learning more and more I hang out with kids the in’s and out’s, although I think I am pretty far from father-to-be of the year.

So, I proceeded to pick Everett up and strut back toward the bathroom.

“I want mommy, I want mommy to do it,” Everett says in a ever-so sad and whining voice.

I thought to myself, “Do I risk a child yelling for his mommy from the bathroom in a public place or should I just take him back and hope for the best?”

I went ahead and took him back and he did his thing and everything was hunky dory, this time.

Fast forward, a few hours, Laura and I take Everett home to play with Andy and Logan, and while there Annagrace and Jenn came over for a quick and pleasantly surprised play-date, complete with bubbles! We all went outside and sat on the deck to watch the kids play with the dogs and their bubbles and that is when it was suggested to take Everett inside to "use the potty." Now, please understand we do not have one of those "little baby potties" so when I took him into the downstairs bathroom I had to hold him on the seat so he would not fall in!

"Okay Everett, time to poop," I said to him.

He just looked at me with a deteremined look on his face and low and behold he starts to............ pee!!!! No, not poop, pee! Pee went all over me, him, the floor and potty!

"No!!! Everett No! Laura, Laura help!" I couldn't help, but laugh at the situation because I knew if I looked upset it would make Everett upset and I did not want him to cry! Thankfully, Laura came running the rescue with some wips, Jenn, so conveniently, had in Annagrace's diaper bag, and some clean clothes, minus new socks let me add. Everett has a thing about wearing shoes sans socks. But, this time it was okay. (Thank God!)

"I'm sorry, Everett, but you're okay, right?"
""Yah, I'm okay," he said..."but your floor is dirty! Why don't you clean?!"
"I'm not sure, Everett, I will work on that okay?"
"Okay," he said.
With Everett all clean after the shower of pee, I asked him if he was done and he immediatly said...
"Yes, I wanna go outside!"
We went outside and the crisis of the "I wanna go home call" was averted, yet again!!!
So, moral of the story... Always have a little boy stand up and pee before he tries to poop and have some extra clothes and clean socks, just in case!
All has been permanetly burned into my subcranium... What is my next lesson? Don't know, but lets hope it is a little more sanitary!

This week has just started and I am all ready to begin the weekend… Until next time!


Anonymous said...

I told you that you have to hold it down. I am glad yall had a good time. see yall in a few weeks. Thansk for letting me go shopping.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Ok - so I was just gonna ask if someone hadn't told you to "hold it down" but it looks like Mandy did - you just musta forgotten. But I'll bet big money you won't forget the next time. A few years ago the Eric I knew and loved woulda about died if he had been showered with pee - now he laughs. And those of us who have been on the receiving end of our own "baby boy showers" can laugh right along with you. :) Billie

Tiffany said...

HAHA! That's so funny! I was wondering about the whole "hold it down" thing, and then thought that would be weird. Obviously I'm NOT ready for parenthood...

Thanks for sharing your funny story!

Tiffany said...

HAHAHA! That's so funny! I thought about the "hold it down" thing before I got to the comment section, but thought that would have been weird. Obviously, I'm NOT ready for parenthood b/c it came so naturally to the parents who commented before me...

Thanks for sharing your funny story!

Anonymous said...

LOL! That's so cute. Poor Everett :(

Amy said...

Hahahaha, I'm glad everyone is warning you about holding it down - very important to remember if you guys have a boy.
I remember, Eric, when you used to get so squeamish when Drew would throw up on you. Now look at you! Covered in pee and laughing about it! You rock! :-)

Anonymous said...

Just wait until he pees down your leg and you and he have to change or in your face when he is 1st born. No Diapers would hold Everett's pee. My mom and I were wet many many times. Good luck if its a boy. Pee will become your friend. hahahah

jeskates said...

since when is it just "your" mom? LOL!

Karri said...

It's a right of passage to have a little boy pee on you. I remember when my brother was just a baby and I was playing with him when all of a sudden a stream of yellow came at my face. It was disgusting, but I learned my lesson. Invest in a pee pee tipi for sure!