Monday, August 11, 2008

Maternity Clothes by Abercrombie & Fitch???

As Laura and I walked through Town Center Mall this weekend I had a fleeting thought that made me question myself… What was I thinking? How could I even think such a horrible prospect, but then I came to realize it was due to the gritty truth that the youth of America have come to have me realize. We are living in some kind of “different world” now then when we were 16 years old. What was it I was thinking about, you ask? Well, since Laura has been pregnant we have been on the lookout for her some maternity clothes… so it made me think of all the teens in the news today who are having kids! (I am not judging, just noticing…) Just think, Abercrombie & Fitch has ads that are basically nude models with no clothing, which actually is ironic that it is a store to sell clothing! A&F basically promotes sex in their ads which lead our youngins to the youthful promiscuity of today. Do you think A&F will ever produce maternity clothes? I mean they basically promote the act, so shouldn’t they provide clothes for the after effects? Gap and Old Navy have stretched out to the idea, pun intended. Will there be a demand for torn jeans, tube tops and tiny little shorts with expandable bellies for pregnant girls? If we keep having girls in the media ala, JamieLynn Spears, Ashlee Simpson and Nicole Richie, it is inevitable that the more “trendy” stores will begin to carry these types of clothing. Perhaps we should look to the Teen ‘pregnancy pact’ in Massachusetts or even the movie Juno, who did not glamorize the idea, but more like gave a blue print of how to give up a child with little or no repercussions. I am not on my soap box to preach, but more to look as I am a father-to-be and possibly to a young girl. I am just curious… Guess we will all just wait and see!?!?

***I know this is a touchy subject, but please no hate mail! Thanks!***

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Anonymous said...

I understand what you're saying. It's weird seeing ads for smutty clothes when you have a 50/50 shot of having a daughter that has to grow up in a society with this junky stuff. I think it's funny when you see a skanky store and a baby clothes store next to each other. I like to think of that as "if you shop there, you'll end up going to the other store nine months later."