Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween is upon us...

Halloween is almost here… the night of All Hallows Eve...this weekend, infact, and I am so excited!

And, this year it lands on a FRIDAY!

Laura’s cousin, Jeremy, and brother-in-law, Paul, are taking off Friday to get ready for our Halloween Fright Fest that evening.

I wish I could!!!! But, alas, I will be at work all day... I am meeting Laura over at Jeremy and Tori's where I will change and we will all have dinner before we scare the witts outta the lil' kiddies. However, this year we will try and be more dilligent about running children into the street! LOL! Okay, I know that isn't funny, but to see their faces when they run away in fright... warms my heart! HAHAHA Okay, that sounded a little off balance didn't it...?

This will be the 4th year we have gotten together, ever since I have been dating Laura, in 2005, to scare the neighborhood kids before they could get to the door to receive their Halloween treat from one of the girls: Laura, my wife; Tori (Jeremy’s wife); Britton (Jeremy’s sister) or Jenn (my sister-in-law and Paul’s wife). This year Amy, Laura’s, eldest sister, has been pulled into the mix! She has agreed to walk around the premises wearing her scary zombie garb. I, am as always, a werewolf; Jeremy, Michael Myers, Paul the Zombie Vampire; Laura is the good witch instead of lil' Red b/c this year she doesn't fit into her lil' Red costume... Baby Skates has caused her to make a switch to a Witch! Britton, Jeremy's sister, and her fiance’, Chris, are scheduled to come and take part in the festivities as well but that is all dependent on their flight in from NJ.

Every year the group grows... however, last year Paul couldn't make it b/c he was sick so I'm sure he will make up for it this year!

Lets hope they can make it!

I will be sure to post a detailed blog of the evening!!!

Muwhahahahahaha! -

"A muck, A muck, Amuck"- "Hocus Pocus"


Mom said...

Okay! Let's see if I can comment! This process is still confusing me. I know all of you are going to have a ball.

Anonymous said...

Yah - I can hardly wait to see those pix but just wait until it's your little darlin' who's being scared away by some over-grown werewolf - then we'll see how funny you think it is. LOL!!! You guys have too much fun! :)

Anonymous said...

That sounds awesome! I'm going to miss Jeremy's costume. Michael Myers gets me every time even though I know it's him- haha! :-)

Amy said...

I can't wait!
But yes, there are some, um, liability issues with scaring small children into the street. Perhaps we should put up one of those electric dog fences and make all trick or treaters wear shock collars? Too harsh?

Amy said...

And quit making me have to get my posts approved!