Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quick update!

Our gender determination ultrasound is scheduled for November 6th!

'Bout 3 weeks to go to find out if Baby Skates is a boy or girl.

If November 6th doesn't yield results... we have another chance at 22 weeks on November 22nd when we go for our 4D Ultrasound!

Stay tuned...


BusyDad said...

Hey there Eric, best of luck with everything! Looks like you guys are already accustomed to kids and a little bit of chaos as well, from reading some of your posts. I have to laugh though - your intro says "for the next nine months." Trust me, your addiction to blogging will be in full effect by then and you will not be able to stop.

jeskates said...

Yah, I have already noticed... I'll change it as soon as the baby gets here! LOL!